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Just Cause 2's "Lost" Easter Egg

Yes, it's fantastic. But yes, mild spoilers.

Easter eggs, the cool little hidden secrets that developers like to shoehorn into their games (and movie studios into their DVDs, of course) are always fun to find, but this one – for fans of Lost – are too good to not share with everyone else.

This guy seems to have found the island first, but GamesRadar were on the ball with bringing the egg to the wider world.

First, find this island on the map.

You’ll notice that your craft will explode as you approach, regardless of the plane.

Search written in the sand, and is that Oceanic 815?

Ah, looks like rain, right on cue.

And there’s the hatch! Locked unless you’re wanting to do a bit of PC hacking, mind.

You have to admit, this is pretty cool.  I’m not personally a big Lost fan, but I can see the references clear enough and just adore this sort of thing in videogames.  Making you want to buy the game?  Click here for our full spoiler-free review.

Thanks, 3shirts.


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