Ubisoft Blame Kratos

Poor Kratos, when he’s not running around slaying gods and titans, he’s being blamed for other third person adventures not selling as well.  Speaking to the guys at CVG, Ubisoft’s animation direction said that the publisher has “lost so many Prince of Persia players to God of War.”

Don’t worry though, Prince fans, you’ll be partying like it’s 2010 this May because Jan-Erik Sjovall is taking on board the things that gamers liked about Kratos and his merry adventures in Greece.  “When we make questionnaires and we ask, what do you play now? [the answer is God of War],” he said.


But when asked if the interviewees would play Prince of Persia again? The answers is “No, it’s not hard enough.”

“So the idea [with Forgotten Sands] was clearly that we’d try to bring our old audience back, but also we’re winning a new audience.  It’s partially maybe the animations,” said Sjovall, “the death animations. We want to have interesting fight sequences in there but not indulge in the violence like God of War does.”

“We want to keep it interesting so the acrobatics, the story and the whole look are all supporting each other and people go, ‘yeah, I want to play that game’.”