How Hard Is GoW III, Really?

The BradyGames series of game guides are considered amongst the best, and their latest – on God of War III – is certainly comprehensive.  I’ve never reviewed a game guide before (but will be giving it a go, soon) but in the meantime I’d like to draw your attention to something about the game that I’d not seen before.


We all know Kratos’ latest has four levels of difficulty, but did you know what Spartan, God, Titan and Chaos actually mean in terms of statistics?  Basically each mode changes the damage you inflict, the enemy damage, the worth of health, magic, Titan and red orbs and the agression and recovery rate of the bad guys.

Spartan Mode:

  • Kratos Damage Output: 200%
  • Enemy Damage Output: 50%
  • Health Orb Worth: 150%
  • Magic Orb Worth: 150%
  • Titan Orb Worth: 150%
  • Red Orb Worth: 150%
  • Enemy Aggression: Normal
  • Enemy Recovery Rate: 200%

God Mode:

  • Kratos Damage Output: 100%
  • Enemy Damage Output: 100%
  • Health Orb Worth: 100%
  • Magic Orb Worth: 100%
  • Titan Orb Worth: 100%
  • Red Orb Worth: 100%
  • Enemy Aggression: Normal
  • Enemy Recovery Rate: 100%

Titan Mode:

  • Kratos Damage Output: 100%
  • Enemy Damage Output: 250%
  • Health Orb Worth: 75%
  • Magic Orb Worth: 75%
  • Titan Orb Worth: 75%
  • Red Orb Worth: 100%
  • Enemy Aggression: Doubled
  • Enemy Recovery Rate: 50%

Chaos Mode:

  • Kratos Damage Output: 75%
  • Enemy Damage Output: 500%
  • Health Orb Worth: 25%
  • Magic Orb Worth: 25%
  • Titan Orb Worth: 25%
  • Red Orb Worth: 75%
  • Enemy Aggression: Merciless
  • Enemy Recovery Rate: Immediate

So, as you can see it’s not just that the enemies get progressively harder the higher up the chain you go, but other variables come into play too, like the value of the orbs you collect, and the level of aggression your opponents portray.  Certainly, God mode is considered the standard with everything at 100%, but at least now you can see how the other levels match up.

If you want to buy the God of War III guide, it’s available from Amazon as a hard back or standard Signature Series and contains a complete walkthrough, Trophy guide and a listing of all the game’s hard to find secrets, plus information on the weapons, enemies, Challenges and the game’s lore.

We’ll have a full review of the guide soon.