Portal 2 Planned For PS3?

The next issue of UK magazine PSM3 has a feature entitled “36 Must-Play PS3 Games”, and one of the games listed on the front cover advertising the feature is Portal 2.  Look, it’s there on the left.

The sequel to one of my all-time favourite games is currently only listed for Windows, Xbox 360, Mac and ZX Spectrum, so seeing a PS3 version advertised is slightly confusing.


Valve has previously said that the game won’t be coming to the stinky, hard to program for and generally too expensive PS3, so either PSM3 know something we don’t, or they’re – you know – making it up.

If anyone’s got the magazine, and there’s a huge, earth shattering scoop inside with a picture of Gabe Newell eating his words whilst hugging a Sony sign, please let us know.  If there isn’t, amusingly put together Photoshops will suffice.  I jest.

Thanks, DanlordUK.