Oddworld Poll

One of the best things about working on a website like TSA is the ability it gives me to endulge my own curiosity. You see, today on the PSN store update Sony gave us the original PS1 version of the first Oddworld game. I loved that game way back when it came out and my mind starting running through the possibilities.

So, I’m curious as to whether there is a lot of demand for the other Oddworld games and if so, what you’d like to see next? We have friends at Sony who look at the site so who knows, maybe someone will take notice and our wishes will be granted?

Incidentally, I would probably have gone a bit woozy at the thought of a slightly spruced-up HD remake but surely that’s too much to ask for?

Update: I just found the games’ website so for anyone that needs a memory refresh, click on this handy link.