Review: Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!

Anyone who has ever played DoodleJump on the iPhone will know just how addictive jumping vertically from one platform to the next can be. Well now this phenomenon has come to PSP Minis, although in Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! at least you have a good reason for ascending to the skies.

As the imaginative title suggests, Monsters sees you take control of The Duke as you attempt to rescue your princess from her capturers. To do this you will be jumping vertically from platform to platform, trying to catch up with the monsters and bringing them down with the old favourite – three jabs to the body.


The faster you climb the platforms the higher you will combo and the higher the combo, the higher you will jump. Thus, to gain the best combo you will have to touch each platform only once – hit it twice and you will lose anything you have gained so far, which makes catching up to the creature you are pursuing that much more difficult.


Controlling your character really is simple, pressing the X button will allow you to jump and while in the air you can press it again to double jump. The Duke can also use the walls to ascend even higher, just jump against the side and the Duke will freeze for a split second and you just press X again. Using the walls is sometimes necessary in order to catch up to the monsters, who will usually be speeding away from you.

Taking down the monster is simple enough, all you need to do is catch up with them and smack them on the head three times. Each time you hit the monster they will speed off, so the secret is to gain as high a combo as possible in order to take them down quickly. The higher the combo score you have when you hit them for the third time the more extravagant the finishing move will be.

The story mode in Monsters includes six levels which can be completed fairly quickly. However, given that you have the incentive of going back to beat your score, earning medals, in-game Trophies and other rewards, there is some longevity to proceedings.

Monsters also includes a score attack mode for each of the six levels you will play through and within these there are three games each (twenty four in total). The Score Attack Mode is probably the most challenging section requiring you to get the target combo score and take down the monster before he reaches the exit. The levels here will definitely take you a while to master and given how addictive trying to beat them becomes, you may just want to set aside some time in your schedule.

The presentation in Monsters is absolutely top class, it is very colourful and has a fantastic art style, with well thought out background environments. The cutscenes included help add some humour to the game, with the Duke explaining what has happened and talking to the downed monsters once he has taken care of them. In fact there is even some singing at one point, look out for that.


  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Wonderful presentation
  • Very unique
  • Fantastic Name
  • Fast Paced Action


  • Story Mode is fairly short

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! is a wonderfully unique and well presented title, the presentation is wonderful, the action fast paced and the experience is an addictive one . There really are so many quality Minis titles out there already, however, this is easily one of the best and is highly recommended.

Score: 9/10