Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess Coming To 360

One of the best Minis games available, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, is making the double-jump from the PSP and PS3 to the Xbox 360’s Indie Games service.

The game sees you in the role of the bonkers Duke, who takes revenge on the monsters who (probably) stole his princess – not that he has any evidence, mind – by repeatedly jumping on their heads. Whilst the gameplay mechanic itself may be simple (jump and double-jump), trying to perfect each stage is incredibly addictive. There are no details yet available on whether the port will have any extra content – the story mode in the original release is a tad short.


Wotta gave the Minis release a solid 9/10, citing the “addictive gameplay” and “wonderful presentation”. The original trailer is below.

Source: official M(P)SMP site, via GamerBytes



  1. Ooh nice icon :)

  2. I guess it’s just me who is having trouble playing this game :(

  3. Well that sucks. For one thing I don’t own a 360, and for another, on the PS3 we’re lumbered with it being run through a stupid PSP emulation layer which, combined with the PSP resolution being upscaled, makes it look rather pants in comparison to what the 360 will get…


    Sort it out Sony, let us run minis in higher resolutions, and we’ll see minis having two sets of assets built in, letting us enjoy all these minis in 720p.

    • If Minis do start appearing on the 360 more often then I imagine we will see an update eventually that runs them to a similar level on the PS3. Otherwise no-one with both consoles will bother getting the ugly version!

  4. xbox (probably) stole my mini

    sorry i’ll just leave now

  5. I guess the 360 version will also have a full set of achievements? No trophies for minis on the PS3 :(

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