U.S. Can Indulge Their Qriocity

Slipping largely under the radar this week was the launch of Qriocity. Available only in the U.S. for now and only in English (or American for us linguistic purists who like our words to have their full and correct complement of letters) Qriocity is a video on demand service accessible from newer Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems.

While downloading this week’s firmware update, U.S. residents may have skipped over and not read the updated PSN Terms of Service and User Agreement:


Qriosity: Updated PSN Terms of Service

Qriocity shares a “common network platform” with the PlayStation Network so accounts and wallets can be shared between the two services.  In contrast to the PSN Video Delivery Service where you buy or rent movies to download and watch at your leisure Qriocity only allows for streaming rentals.

We knew it was coming to PS3s back in January and the way is clear for it to do so with a further addition to the PSN ToS which can also be read in a way that suggests you could also use your PSP:

Through PSN, you may purchase content and services offered on either PSN or Qriocity, such as new levels for your favorite games, comics, movies, television shows or original programs. You may view your content using SCEA-authorized devices, including a PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, PSP (PlayStation Portable) systems, personal computers and VOD Devices.

There are already hundreds of movies available on the service and every one of those has a trailer you can watch before deciding to buy.  Rental costs for SD movies start at $2.99 while inevitably the HD versions attract higher prices.  Check out the Qriocity website for more details.

Source: SonyInsider