Qriocity Coming Soon To PS3?

Qriocity, whatever it is, was first mentioned last December, but is quite possibly just around the corner now.  Say, hmm, next week.  Where has this sudden turnaround of information come from?  The EU Blog, where I just signed in to let Evolution know how wonderful MotorStorm Apocalypse is.

You see, if you sign into the EU PlayStation site today, you’ll see the Qriocity logo right next to the PlayStation Network one, thus:


Whilst it’s some of kind of video service, officially it’s still something of a curiosity (see?) but at least we can safely assume that because it’s being mentioned on the EU sign-in forms it’s coming to the EU PlayStation Network, too.  According to this thread on GAF, it’s also appearing on the US sign-in, too, so perhaps it’s a worldwide thing.

Ah, we’ll see soon enough.



  1. I tried logging in,on the Qriocity site,it said it wasn’t available in my region (UK),but if this is showing up on EU PS site then it must be multi regional.

  2. It’s another video service? Quite confusing along with the normal PS Store as well as Netflix and a bunch of other video services in America. We also have BBC iPlayer and possibly ITV Player coming soon, which I’m not complaining about but it’s slightly all over the place…

    • Agreed. If they add much more they’ll need to gather them up in one single ‘Film & Television’ portal.

      • Check this out..
        There is an official website based around it.
        Some form of streaming service for Bravia \ Bluray Players


      • Ooo… love the colouring of the site. Pretty! *stares lots*

      • nice find tinman9. I bet it gets added to the whole Sony Entertainment Service thingy they are setting up. PS3 is part of it, as well as BluRays and TV’s

  3. What is up with names for things these days?

    Things being spelt with Qs (Qore, Qriocity)
    Things being spelt with numbers ( Thi4f, Scre4m, F.3.A.R)
    Racing games having 4-lettered titles (Blur, Grid, DiRT, FUEL)

    Seriously lol

    On topic, the website looks pretty interesting; shame I don’t benefit from any of that mind you.

  4. It could be that,Sony plan to replace the current video store with Qriocity. Qriocity is a Sony service and pretty much does everything the video store does.

  5. qrio sir and qrio sir..

  6. When I sign in at qriocity.com I get the message:
    “The family of Qriocity services is not available in your country”
    Probably the same old song that goes for all cool services… not available in The Netherlands :(

    • Also, when I sign-up in the eu-blog, I get the dutch sign-in screen, which only has the playstation network logo on it, not the qriocity one :(
      Figures :s

  7. Yeah, I noticed that. These unpronouncable titles are so annoying.

    • oops, someone already posted this.

  8. It could be they have just finally got around to merging the two sign in forms for the services as we know they share a “common network platform” and wallets are shared by both services.

    For those who don’t know, Qriocity differs from the PSNVDS by being streaming only.

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