Qriocity Lands On Euro PS3s

Qriocity has just magically appeared on PlayStation 3 consoles across Europe, according to reports flooding into the TSA Towers email inbox.  Reboot your machine, and you should see a new XMB icon that says “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” under ‘music’.

Qriocity is Sony’s cloud-based streaming music service, and will provide “millions of songs” stored and synced via the internet, and playable on Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and VAIO laptops, as well as the PS3 of course.  You only need one account to stream the music across all platforms.


The service sports a gorgeous interface in addition to all the music – we’ll bring you a full report as soon as we can but in the meantime click here for info.

Thanks, w3r3w0lf.



  1. anyone know if its free or you have to pay as the website isnt clear

    • You get two packages £3.99 for a 30 days and £9.99 for a premium package (comes with 30 day free trial, no payment obligated)

      • Also, credit card only, you can’t fund it from your PSN wallet as i had hoped.

  2. As usual nothing here in Denmark. So we are missing that and still the video store…. Sony you have about a week to keep your promise from E3.

    • Not like it’s better here in Holland. I’m guessing it’s the usual deal with just England, Spain, France and Germany.

      • And the rest of the UK, fella. ;-)

      • That doesn’t make matters any better for me! ;)

  3. Is it like Spotify where you can get a free version but with ads?

    • Just asked painyboi, he said £3.99 for the basic plan, (there is a 30 day free trial), and it’s £9.99 for full version.
      I’ll try the free trial, and will turn off the auto renew straight away like he suggested.

      • I went for this option, how do I turn off Auto Renew?

  4. Just noticed the app. From what I can gather you pay for your track via the site and then you can play it on any registered device be it sony or pc. Bit like itunes and really.

    • Kinda, except iTunes allows for MP3s and has done for a while. Weird that Sony look to restrict still.

  5. I registered my Sony BD player when Qriocity first appeared on it, had a quick look and then never really bothered with it.
    Got an Email today with £15 PSN credit, apparently just for registering the player, so may give it another look.

    • I got that too, and as a PlayStation Network user that voucher can be used on the game store as the wallet’s used accross both platforms.
      Didn’t ger £30 for registering 2 devices though :(

  6. £3.99 per month basic and £9.99 per month for premium. You can get 30 days free premium trial. Is it really worth paying so much for just 1 month? I’ll give it a pass.

  7. I’ll be having a look at this tomorrow.

  8. its alright i suppose for pop lovers and the like my D&B and dubstep has a few tracks nothing new so i doubt ill use it after the 30 day trial i think but i only have the ps3 capable of this service so it could be alot more helpful for people with more than one device

    • i say a few there are quite a lot few that i really like

    • For dubstep I download all my tunes off http://www.dub-level.com, all songs completely free of charge and 100% legal as it’s all homegrown :)

      • cheers ill have a look :)

      • For me at the moment the “wet chainsaw” noise in the latest songs seem to be ruining dubstep for me :(

    • is 4×4=12 by deadmau5 on? I like his dubstep, plus DnB , Pendulum, chase and status…
      will have to check this out :)

  9. MUBI, LoveFilm, ITVPlayer, 4oD, now this…. keep it up Sony.

    • And for the rest of Europe: No LoveFilm, Videostore, Digital Comics and now this…. keep it up Sony……..

  10. Isn’t this supposed to be coming to PSP soon? I have an icon for it but it doesn’t work yet.

    Will check it out on PS3 tomorrow.

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