Jaffe Happy With Play-Test

Say what you like about Eat Sleep Games’ David Jaffe, but you have to at least appreciate the behind the curtain glimpse the creator of titles such as God of War and Twisted Metal provides. Imparting more personal insight concerning the complex process of “how to create fun,” Jaffe has been commenting on Twitter about how recent play-tests of his new project (rumoured to be a Twisted Metal reboot depending on who you ask) have gone.

For the uninitiated, play-tests are press-free events where random gamers with various tastes are asked to play an early build of a game and provide feedback and critique. Such secret events therefore give game designers invaluable information about what areas their new game needs work, what’s working well, and what just needs some extra polish to make it click with the gaming public. As you’d expect from a room full of eclectic gamers, the scores were somewhat across the board but averaged out well in the end. The tweet reads:


We got a few low scores 2/10 or 3/10 out of 10…and then a decent number of 10/10s. Both of those kind of scores u tend to ignore because the low enders are not fans of the genre and the top enders eat up anything in the genre space. It’s the 8 and 9 overall scores that I covet the most, and we got LOTS AND LOTS of those yesterday, I’m happy to say :)

Looks good for Mr. Jaffe and his mysterious new game. As an interesting footnote, Jaffe also commented on how the original Twisted Metal went down with early play-testers, and it wasn’t all good. Reacting to some of the negative scores, Jaffe was convinced he’d never work again. “[They] simply thought it was shit. I was convinced my career was OVER!”

Source: Twitter