PlayStation Experience Teaser Hints At Haunting New David Jaffe Game

Watching someone eating chips and scribbling in a notebook isn’t very exciting. But when you find a hidden URL in among those scribblings – as you can see in the teaser below – it becomes a much more interesting affair.


The URL in question takes you to this part of The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, which is actually a new game studio (odd name, isn’t it?) founded by David Jaffe – the creator of God of War and Twisted Metal – including other SCEA developers. A LinkedIn post reveals all, including the fact that they’re looking for talent who know how to use Unity.

But that’s not the main part – if you clicked the first hyperlink, you’ll have noticed this other, unlisted video, which shows quite a creepy teaser named Haunted, with Jaffe himself in a crazed state. Interesting – it looks like we’ll be getting a horror game.

Let us know your theories in the comments! We’ll no doubt find out more at the PlayStation Experience next week.

Via Gematsu

UPDATE: It’s not a horror game.



  1. So happy it’s not a horror game. It seems horror games are the new craze. First zombie games, now horror games. And there was that time with shooters :P

  2. This man here is God! He only went & made the greatest IP God of war

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