The Question Mark: Chapter 27

Previously: Snake has travelled back in time to Shadow Moses Island. Snake has been captured, not knowing Meryl is dead. Snake now knows Naomi, working undercover for Ocelot and Liquid, just detonated a bomb on the sub while she was inside knowing she would die with everyone else inside. This chapter was online elsewhere a while ago, and bears similarity to a certain episode in Lost, season six. I wrote this first. So there.

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Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story.

The Sinking Room

Mei Ling slapped Naomi in the face.

As the floor beneath them slanted, the walls around them groaned. The two, amongst with panicking crewmen looked at each other with fear and hatred. An alarm sounded, and the lighting around them flickered from dingy green to a blood red.

“Evacuation point one occupied.” a digital voice crackled through aching metal. The two looked up at the speakers, as all crew members ran out of the control room towards the evacuation points. They knew there was no hope of survival this far beneath the surface of the ocean, but instinct pushed them to do something. Anything. Both Mei Ling and Naomi were already holding onto desk sides, as the floor slanted downwards towards the only doors in the room. The fleeing men were running towards the freezing cold water that broke the lower end of the vessel, tearing through the back half of its structure. The control room was at the bow, the front of the ship.

Papers began to slide off the edges of tables, tables that were bolted to the floor. Naomi placed her second hand on a desk, her face in mild shock.

“Why did you do it Naomi?!” Mei Ling shouted.

Naomi remained silent as her heels readjusted on the floor.

“Evacuation point two inaccessible. Please contact support.”

The ship was no longer escapable. They were already in a sinking coffin, and now the nails had just been hammered in. The control room was at a twenty five degree angle, and Mei Ling felt a sudden compulsion to retrieve Nastasha’s body to be with them. She let go of the side, and slowly shuffled to where the crew men had disappeared, only to see a body of water begin to fill the hallway through the door’s small circle window. She didn’t know what to do.

“Nastasha’s in pieces, Ling. Don’t leave.”

Mei Ling turned around to look upwards at Naomi, who grabbed the side of a desk.

“Please. Don’t leave.”

“And why the hell would you bloody care?!” Mei Ling had never exclaimed her emotion through swearing, but everything that was happening made her lose any sense of rationality.

“Don’t you dare tell me what not to do.” Mei Ling was crying.

“You think this is easy?!” Naomi screamed from higher up in the room.

“Who the hell do you think you are, Naomi?!”

“You don’t understand what I have been through…” Naomi spoke slowly through a blubbering lip. She wanted to cry as she saw her only friend lose the will to survive.

“I trusted you!”

The room was at a forty five degree angle, and water began dribbling through the hinges of the door as it groaned and cracked. Mei Ling turned back into the room and grabbed the nearest desk leg that was bolted to the ground. The small glass window in the door gave way under pressure, and a torrent of water burst out at Mei Ling. Naomi watched from further up in the room as her friend screamed in fear.

Mei Ling pulled herself up further, her sweating fingers grabbing at the holes in the grated floor, bleeding under the sharp edges. One shoe fell below, into the pool of water that was beginning to eat up the room. Fifty degree tilt.

“Abandon Ship. Abandon Ship. Abando…” the electronic voice malfunctioned and fell silent to the singing structure of the dying submarine.

The door below the two sprang off its hinges, propelling itself towards Mei Ling, who fell from her point on the floor. Naomi grabbed her hand.

The door smashed through the table, leaving only fragments of its legs jutting out from the floor. Its chips of wood and metal fell down the room and sank in the ice cold water below.

Mei Ling looked in Naomi’s eyes for a moment. There was panic in her emotion. Neither knew what to say to each other, watching the ocean creep up the room towards them. There was no way out. They knew they were going to die.

Sixty degree tilt.

“I… refuse… to die here.” Mei Ling chattered through trembling teeth.

She clambered up past Naomi using cupboard handles and other desk legs.

“Where are you going?”

Her skirt was wet, dripping at the bottom, and her hands were red with her own blood. Naomi shed a small tear, knowing nothing could stop their demise. Seeing her friend fight for her own life was worse than ending the Colonel’s life so abruptly. The ice crept up her leg. Screaming in the cold, she moved up towards Mei Ling, away from imminent death, towards a friend she had betrayed.

Seventy degree tilt.

Naomi pushed off desk ends with her heels, slipping under the wet trails from Mei Ling’s skirt. The walls around them begged from pressure, and the room violently juddered as anything nothing not attached to the floor now flew past Naomi’s face, splashing into the deadly water. Campbel’s body rolled across the floor and got caught amongst degree before the water caught it, floating it upwards before it slowly sank from sight under the bubbles.

Eighty degree tilt.

Half the room was left, and the roar of the sinking submarine deafened any wince of fear that came from the two remaining crew members. Naomi joined Mei Ling at the top of the room, who supported herself standing on the legs of a destroyed table. Mei Ling was fumbling at controls above her, pushing whatever was left working.

“We can patch through to the codec from here!” Mei Ling shouted at Naomi, stood next to her. The water entering below was too loud for their speech to be heard.

Naomi didn’t say anything. She knew it wouldn’t work.

Mei Ling slammed her hand on the last lit up diode, and static whirred through into a nearby speaker. Naomi looked around, as the water began creeping up her feet once more. There was only a quarter of the room left, and her high heels slipped on the metal leg beneath the surface.

“Anyone?!?!!” Mei Ling screamed into the microphone.
“Please!! Snake!! The submarine is sinking! Help us please! Do something! Anything!!”


The ship was at a full ninety degree tilt, and sinking slowly into the darkness.


The table legs gave way, and the two fell deep into the ice cold water below. Shards of pain splintered Mei Ling’s skin, freezing her from the outside in. They both struggled underwater, under the unbelievably cold white water.

A huge breath as the two surfaced and both let out screams of pain. There wasn’t much breathing space left, and the microphone was nearly underwater. Mei Ling’s ribcage tightened under the icy comb beneath her and her oxygen intake quickened, along with Naomi’s.

Static still continued through the remaining speaker.

“Why did you do it?!” Mei Ling screamed at Naomi with running mascara.

Naomi was silent, slowly freezing to death.

“Tell me!!!” Mei Ling cried.

Naomi spoke slowly. “The Colonel knew.”


“The Colonel knew everything.”

“Everything?! What the hell do you mean?!”

The microphone disappeared below the water.
Knowing this was the end, Mei Ling took one last look in her friend’s eyes before drinking in the last air and swimming down into the water only to scream her last words in the drowned microphone.