Sony To Reveal New Hardware At E3?

Sony, despite apparently showing most of their good stuff over the last few weeks, clearly have some bombs still to drop next week when E3 kicks off for proper, like.  Their uncanny ways of being the centre of attention for the last month has proven their marketing bods to be worth every penny, but with E3 still a day or two away they’re not done yet with the teases.

A new page on the US PlayStation site has saved the best for last.  Sure, we’re all hoping for PSP2, but Sony have decided that they want to make the internet chatter come alive just one last time.  “Meet us here to find out what awesome PlayStation games and hardware are being revealed,” says the page, which also confirms that Move, 3D and GT5 will be the focuses of the show.


It’s either this, or this.  Right?  Anyway, the whole think kicks off in just under 48 hours, and we’ll have everything, here.

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  1. I’m hoping for the PSP2.

    • me 2 i want 1 thats will be cheap but an iphone beater

      • Me to, been holding off getting a new phone. In the hope of a PSP Phone. And also a good way of not spending any money.

      • same, pspgo was a crock of poop (sorry, smaller screen and no physical drive didn’t sound attractive)
        Heres hoping the psp2 will be a whole lot better.

      • Noo!
        The iphone sucks as a gaming machine. sure the little game are addictive but stick them next to GoW and theyre nothing like a proper game.

      • I personally think the iPhone is a lovely little gaming device but in the context of the size of the hardware. It’s not a patch on some of the stuff on the PSP. then against the device is quite a bit different in size.

    • Yes!!!! I hope so but not like the iphone

    • isnt the move hardware ?

  2. Or it’s just Move and they’re playing semantics.

    • That’s what I was thinking, just an announcement on MOVEs release date, it’s classed as a hardware announcement.

      • 2nd that. It’s just the MOVE & the subcontroller. Nothing else! Move on now :P

      • I see what you did there!

    • Possibly, but it says ‘revealed’. I’d put a tenner on the subcontroller changing.

      • Based on the fact that you’ll need two of these controllers for some games, perhaps they’ve added more tech to the subcontroller so that it’s not such a problem?

  3. I’m not hoping for the PSP2, I find them overpriced and underused.
    Can’t wait for the 3D headtracking to be shown with GT5, move your head to see around corners, whoo. I love the simple things….

    • How can the PSP2 be overpriced and underused? :)

      • good question. I was wondering the same thing.

      • You know what I mean :D
        The PSP in general is an overpriced, underused console as a whole. I’ve had two and the second one I only bought for buying it’s sake as a mate needed cash, I offered him fifty quid for it and he took it ! I used it half a dozen times and got shot of it recently because for the past 2 years i’ve used an iPhone, better games, cheaper prices…….. MUCH cheaper.

    • Better games on iPhone?

      • Clearly you don’t have one then. 59p for a game that’s either equally as entertaining or more addictive is by far more appealing to me, even if it turns out rubbish what’s 59p-£5.99 compared to £20-30 ? The complaint could be made that they’re not long enough but why would you want to spend all that time and money on a game then surely it’s better spent on your Ps3, no ? :)

  4. Even cheaper PS3?

    • That’s what I’m hoping for, then if my 60 dies I’m fine :D

  5. I’m really hoping for PSP2 but I think it will be Move price and date. Can still hope anyways!

    • I thought Move had already been priced…or was it just a rumour?

  6. Now they’ve got the PS3 hardware profitable, the new CECH-25nnx models give us back the USB ports and memory card reader they took away and they add HDMI 1.4. Turns out you’ll need one of these new PS3s to play Blu-ray movies in 3D as they can’t get the current models to do it even with a firmware update (bit like PS2 BC).

    But it’s probably just Move-related…

  7. PSP2 please.

  8. It’s probably just something like new hard drive sizes.

  9. PSP2 please…I passed up on the PSP Big Boss Pack bc of PSP2 rumors. I have a 1000 still.

  10. Do you think there is any chance of a download only PS3???

    • Where, instead of buying a PS3 from the shops you simply download an image of a PS3 and print it out? :-P

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