‘Old’ 360s No Longer Being Made

Microsoft have told reporters at their post-conference “media roundtable” that they have ceased manufacture of the current (old?) 360 designs.  Existing stock will be sold-through but once it is gone, it is gone.

Though the Arcade models are markedly cheaper than the new 360 ‘slim’ it may well take a price cut to clear stocks of the Elites, like that we saw with the PS3 Phats last year.  So if you are not too fussed about picking up one of the new 360s, there might be some bargains to be had.


Via: Joystiq



  1. Hmmmmm, maybe get an old one on sale? =S

  2. Somewhere in my mind tells me that Microsoft should’ve done this years ago maybe around NXE Although they must get rid of the arcade model let the hard drive prevail. .

  3. so are they making an elite and arcade of the slim or just one?

    • All of them “*it may well take a price cut to clear stocks of the Elites*” no more 360!

      • yeh but they could be stopping making all current versions and only start making one version of the slim and it has all the features of an arcade and elite. so basically there would be no high end and low end anymore. i hope this isn’t the case

      • As far as I can tell from what I’m reading, seeing and listening to, there will no longer be two 360 models. There will just be the one 360 ‘slim’.

        MS have finally worked out that you can sell consoles at PS3 prices if they have built-in WiFi and touch-sensitive buttons. :)

        I’d think about ‘upgrading’ my 360 but with no memory card slots on the ‘slim’ how do I transfer my saves, etc.?

      • Watchful, can you not put game saves on a USB stick and transfer them that way with the 360 now?

      • Probably, but I also have some content that is locked to my memory card; can’t even copy it onto the HDD. I would have no way to transfer that onto the new 360 slim and can’t plug the memory card in to use it. So I lose it. Unless they make some kind of memory card USB adaptor. MS do like to sell accessories.

    • You can move saves onto a regular USB stick. I just did a month ago from my old elite to a super elite. Gonna get the new slim though.

      Some saves are copy protected so it forces you to MOVE the file to the USB stick so you can back it up but it takes it off the 360 altogether. No save files need to be left behind.

  4. Everybody loves bargains.
    My ‘very old’ 360 is a bit temperamental so may have a close look at any bargains on offer.

  5. That puts the Arcade models into perspective. No mention if those models will also cease to manufacture.

  6. *cough* Ok that’s enough 360 joy for one day, i’m really in Pursuit of another story… :)

  7. New console looks really nice, smaller and quieter with no doubt less power consumption. Will get my Elite on ebay at the end of the month ready for the 16th July release of the new machine.

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