Sony Announce PSN Plus

We’ve been talking about it for months, but Sony has finally confirmed an ‘upper’ level of PSN.


The official name is “PlayStation Plus”.  Plus will give users access to exclusive content, preferred earlier demos and free content ranging from themes to Minis.  Discounts, too.

There’s also automatic downloads, including update patches, as we’ve said before.

The price is $49.99 for a twelve month subscription, and the first month will feature two minis: Fieldrunners and Age of Zombies, the PSone game Rally Cross and the PSN super hit Wipeout HD.

Games will be available whilst your subscription exists.



  1. pre order? or is it credit card only?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just credit cards to start with.

    • Sorry for the reply at top, but Crossgaming voice chat is mentioned as service on the Danish PSN plus site :O

      • It’s been mentioned on multiple EU sites but is being yanked almost as quickly as it is posted.

      • Interesting. I guess it isn’t ready, but is going to be a plus service at some time.

    • You can pay for it however you normally top-up your PSN wallet. So credit card, PSN card whatever.

  2. i will be definately signing up for this :)

  3. Your the fastest typer in the world nofi!

  4. Hmmm, sounds actually pointless i was pumped for this but no thank you, offer me something errrmmm worth the money?

    • just what i was thinking…background downloading should be free anyway, certainly not worth me signing up

  5. it’ll b around £30? too much i’m afraid to compete with Live gold should’ve been more like £20 …..
    might get it still tho

    • so what well we get for 39.99 a year i like a lil more them themes,mini’s and odd ps1 game,and was there a date for this too roll out

      • its £39.99 a year? joke? i’m afraid it may not be a great success…

      • “First month will feature two minis: Fieldrunners and Age of Zombies, the PSone game Rally Cross and the PSN super hit Wipeout HD.”

        For a month worth of subscribtion – not bad

      • Yes, but the main thing: “You’ll own this content for the duration of your subscription”. So it’s not such a great deal when those games that came along with Plus are no longer playable.

      • I was going to go for this but I think I’ll wait to see what other info there might be, what demos, mines etc. are included in later months.

      • i think that means for download. for instance, if you never get round to downloading wipeout, and 12 months is up, then it wont be available for you. or am i wrong?

      • my bad

      • James Thorpe posted this reply to a question on the eu blog:

        “Sure, anything you buy with the exclusive discounts, many of the exclusive extras/add-ons, the premium avatars/dynamic themes, and of course the free copy of LBP (if you sign up in time;-) are all yours to keep for good
        The games that you get within the service are available for you to keep and use as long as you are a member.
        Plus, the other exclusive features you get to.”

  6. em…. what happened to cross game chat we were told was on the way?

  7. what i don’t get is…why choose age of zombies as an incentive mini when they used it as an incentive to buy firstplay? weird. still, WIPEOUT!

    • Age of Zombies was free with Firstplay, which is only available in the UK. The US have Qore (and no Age of Zombies).

  8. im in!!!

  9. So games will only be available as long as your remained suscribed? I was also kinda hoping insurance would be included.

  10. what about the supposed inclusion of continuous play? I wanted that in it, will probably still end up getting it as I’m a PS3 whore!

    • They did say that new features will be added as time goes by so continuous play, cross game voice chat, cloud saves, etc…. may all come later.

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