New Sony E3 Montage Has Secrets

Well, what have we got here? Another Sony montage, that’s what. A very slick one at that. Available to download from the EU PlayStation Store yesterday (although strangely it would appear to have been removed) the new compilation certainly looks the part.

Included within the montage are some of Sony’s favourite stealth reveals. Hidden within the video you will see Jungle Party for the PSP. This would appear to be a compilation of the various PS2 and PSN Buzz! Junior titles, compacted down for your pocket in PSP form. Next is Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz, also for PSP. Again, nothing spectacular to see here, seemingly the yearly Buzz! update in handheld form.


Perhaps of more interest is later on there is the first footage of the same game but for the PS3. Based from this trailer alone (as this is the only information available at this time) it visually looks identical to Buzz! Quiz World, which we was released last year but with questions all about music. Expect to hear more about this title in the coming months.

Also, there is the first footage of Echochrome 2. From this brief snippet, the game certainly has changed direction and with the incorporation of Move, is barely recognisable when compared to the original game. SOCOM Special Forces has a slot, with it’s new tagline and Invizimals is also there, but entitled “Invizimals Shadow Zone”.

Considering during the Sony E3 presser the game was simply called Invizimals (it hasn’t been released in the US yet) and this is an SCEE produced video, it suggests a new title in an Invizimals series.

Finally, check out the awkward dancing to SingStar Dance, the first footage of MUBI (the movie streaming service) and new PSN download title, Eat Them! Watch it below to see what you make of it.



  1. EyePet on the PSP was a surprise for me at E3, had never heard of it before

    • It was a surprise for me too. I wonder if the PS3 and PSP versions will interact with each other.
      Is that a NEW camera for the PSP or is that black one a PSP Go camera because the old one doesn’t fit?

  2. It’s a very nice mon-tage, with some nice upbeat music. Very well put together too.

    • That’s two words right there ;) mon tage, mon ami

  3. Wicked!! dont know about you guys but i thought Sony (yet again) absolutely owned E3!! bring it…

    • Yeah – I thought so too, completely owned them. Although the 3DS was slicker than your average. I mean Snake Eater 3D – that is a reason alone to buy a 3DS.

      Sony were awesome though, truly awesome and the clear winners imo …

  4. I found Invizimals getting so much E3 time strange as it’s been out over here since before Christmas, why the US didn’t get it I don’t know. A new Invizmals would make sense, hopefully it’s a new game not just a “special edition”.

    They do seem to be pushing Go! Cam with a new Invizmals and EyePet coming to the PSP. Now they just need to released the PSPGo addon that lets you use Go! Cam with the PSP Go.

  5. very well made. i really think Sony killed E3 this year! good to see. would of been even bigger if they kept some of the games to announce!

  6. If Housemarque’s Dead Nation has even half the playability of SSHD… sold.

  7. The body-mapping in SingStar Dance looks non-existent, maybe just uses the Move sticks and then guesses where your arms and shoulders should be. Wonder if they’ll be any Singstar branded Move sticks, as they’ve missed a trick by not including a mic

    They’re also very clever that when they show off any game which works best with 2 Move Sticks per player not to show actual in-the-room footage of that and just cut to gameplay.

    • Dude, can’t you just enjoy the video?

      • I did, but inFAMOUS2 & KZ3 mean nothing to me… and of the rest I thought what I wrote above.

      • So you’re saying that apart from the fact that Singstar Dance doesn’t work and they are trying to rip people off by making them buy two Move controllers, there was nothing in the video that catches your attention?
        A tough man to please.

      • Plenty but as most of the stuf is a highlight reel of stuff that is known about and I’ve mentioned elsewhere I didn’t want to re-mention that Heavy Rain looks like a natural move title, and Invisimals – we had that ages ago and so on.

        And I’m not saying they’re ripping people off into buying 2 controllers, they’re just clever about the way they show those games off.

    • Look, it’s just like MS with Kinect games videos!

  8. Eat Them! looks to be the spiritual successor to War of the Monsters.

    • looks wicked

      • looks too colorful for a game with monsters.

  9. Buzz ‘Music Quiz’ PS3 @ 3:02 – “What does a pedometer count?” ;)

  10. Coolio. I like it, something in there for everyone, PSP stuff looked pretty essential to me…

    Really looking forward to playing heavy rain some more with move…

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