The Best Movie Of A Game Ever?

Batman and the forthcoming Transformers: War For Cybertron have shown that the best way to make a game of a film is to not have a film at all. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is the opposite, it  is the film of a game that does not exist.  That doesn’t stop it having boss battles, epic fights, power bars, light sabres, summons, combos, ridiculous special effects and cheeky moves from Street Fighter.

It also looks like it is made of Epic Win.


Just to be confusing, Ubisoft will be releasing the game of the film based on a non existent game this September. The PSN and XBLA title is a retro side on beat ’em up inspired by the likes of Renegade and Streets of Rage. It features four player co-op and every gaming cliche ever  – including Ninjas. Check out both trailers below.



  1. Just to add one more layer it’s the film based on the comic about a non-existant game ;)

    • so the game of the film of the comic of the non existent game?
      i just thought it was the game of the film of the comic.
      didn’t know the comic was the comic of the non existent game.
      but this clears it all up. :)

  2. Full of win!! you can tell this has a british stamp all over it…i.e like Kick Ass.
    Looking forward to both :)

    • dammit i still have to see kick ass!

      • Personally i thought it was ace! great film (and i’m jaded)

      • Agree with Mr Ripper, cracking film with a perfect mix of comedy/action.

  3. Wow

  4. Hehe looks good fun!

    Also gets praise for having ‘pees the bed’ Fuller in it ;)

  5. Wow, thats looks great! Deffo watching that.

  6. What a great idea! Shame they then had to squeeze a game out of it, though the game does look fairly visually interesting. Is this a Simon Pegg produced film then if it’s the Shaun of the Dead team?

    • No its Edgar Wright, same director as SOTD

  7. My,i actually laughed

  8. Film looks like a potential win and game looks like a def win! WIN!

    • Couldn’t agree more, watched both trailers, scrolled down and here are the words that were sitting in my mind not one minute ago.

  9. The film looks quite good, shame the game doesn’t.

    • The idea of making a game out of it kind of ruins the point. I think.

  10. That looked absolutely superb!

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