Trine 2: Spring 2011

Trine is a charming, well-received platformer that sadly lacked online co-op. We have some doubly good news for Trine fans though as it is both getting a sequel and that sequel has online co-op.

Trine 2 is pencilled in for Spring 2011 and will be returning to PSN and PC whilst making the franchise’s début on XBLA.   There is a Trine 2 website but it is a little bare at the moment with just the teaser trailer and a single screenshot.  The teaser trailer is embedded below for your convenience.


Via: Joystiq



  1. Great news as I loved the first one, Looks really nice too. I’m not the slightest bit interested about co-op though and I hope the entire thing is playable in single player.

    • I’m totally with you, not interested in co-op. First game was amazing, so I can’t wait to see how the sequel turns out.

  2. Excellent news!!! :) I really enjoyed the first game and had a lot of fun playing local co-op on it. The addition of online co-op gives an extra degree of flexibility, so I can’t wait!! :)

  3. Finland FTW!

    • Yep, hopefully this would not be so easy as the first one. In the first you could make through anything in co op mode when one of the players is a mage

  4. Loved the first one, although it was reduced to half price soon after i bought it. I’ll wait this one out..

  5. I played it both SP & local Co-Op with my GF, totally enjoyed either way. We loved the Baldur’s Gate games on the PS2 & I think Trine is the closest we’ve come to capturing that experience this current gen.

  6. Oh My Giant Toad!

  7. Yay!! Trine is awesome, I’m happy there’ll be a sequel :)

  8. Good news, I enjoyed the first. But I only picked it up after the price drop – £14.99 initally felt a bit too steep.

  9. sweet. enjoyed the first but was still overpriced and co-op will give more playability. should be 11.99, that’d be more reasonable

  10. Ive got Trine, but haven’t played it much yet. I bought it when it went on special offer (the original price was ridiculous). Will try to complete it before this one comes out.

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