Dreamcast Ports Suffer Setbacks

Those Dreamcast games we’re wistfully talking about? Long, long memories, restored to their maximum shinyness on the PS3 and the Xbox 360?  Well, it’s not going to be quite that cleanly cut – according to Joystiq both Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure won’t be quite as super fab as we first thought.


First off – Crazy Taxi.  SEGA’s wonderful arcade driver will see cuts in the form of the original’s licensed music (so no more Offspring and Bad Company) and the removal of certain brand names, like Pizza Hut.  Essentially the same fate that befell the PSP version released a while back, then.  Not a game breaker, but not ideal.

Elsewhere, Sonic Adventure will see the conversion to HD in standard 4:3-o-vision – users of Widescreen sets will simply see the image centred with some blue backgrounds floating behind.  Again, since the Dreamcast original was at this ratio we can hardly expect to see anything else, but as SEGA’s first two outings we’re a little disappointed.

Crazy Taxi will be in widescreen, though.  Looks like perhaps the code for Sonic was a little trickier to massage.



  1. McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Generic Pizza Chain!

    Hmm, not quite as catchy.

  2. They can’t they remaster Sonic Adventure instead unless Sega can’t take the plain fact that since the tragic loss of Dreamcast Sonic has gone down hill.

  3. Someone tell them they need custom soundtracks on the PS3 version of Crazy Taxi so that we can put those tracks on ourselves. :)

    • They did it for the PSP versions, so I’d say it’s probably a safe bet.

  4. I was looking forward to the dreamcast ports especially since i did own a dreamcast but no full widescreen image = no sale from me,i will still get crazy taxi though, missing music and locations wasn’t too bad on the psp. My daughter still plays sonic adventure on wii (gamecube version) and that looks fine and plays in widescreen…they could sort it, but i suppose its a money thing lol.

    • I would still buy it regardless if it was 4:3

      • My problem is this….i bought a 42inch widescreen tv to display my ps3 games and actually get 42inch worth of picture not two thirds picture and two big borders. i was going to buy the sonic game because my daughter likes it on the wii (gamecube game, and plays full screen) but i like my games to fill the tv screen so it will be a no buy for me. A lot of xboxlive arcade games play in this 4:3 with borders at either side but you can get them to play full screen by setting your resolution to 480p and setting the display to 4:3 in the settings, it gives you a lower resolution and the game doesn’t look quite as good but you do get a full screen picture thats more satisfying to see (no big borders). I know i am probably in the minority but in this day and age, i expect a full screen picture, there is no reason for a bad port….but it looks like sega are just after a quick port for the money. The thing is that sonic adventure looks and plays fine on my pc running on a widescreen monitor at 1400×900 resolution, maybe they would have been better to convert the pc version instead of the dreamcast one as it plays in widescreen. Sega used to be the best in arcade games and home console conversions but they seem to have lost there way a bit of late….convert the old games properly (widescreen) and give us some saturn games as well.

      • I know this is off the point, but how much did you pay for the Widescreen TV?

      • Don’t let it stop you enjoying 4:3 fun. Family Guy isn’t in wide-screen but I’ll be damned if I’m missing it.

      • £649 from commet but iv’e had the tv 2 years so i am getting one of the newer led backlit tv’s around september time.

  5. No Offspring, what fantastic news!

  6. I wasn’t interested in either of them but i guess plenty are..

  7. I want code veronica x more than a sonic game…
    Sonic is on it’s arse now

  8. Crazy Taxi was probably converted to widescreen for the PS2 version so the’ll probably use that as a basis for the re-release.

  9. I’ll just buy ’em, i still have my DC ready to go!

  10. Not bad, could be better SEGA!

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