Tron Inspired Controllers

At E3 peripheral manufacturer PDP launched controllers to tie in with the upcoming Tron game. Available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the pads are designed with the classic Tron ‘glowing blue stripey thing’. The pads feature rumble but are also hindered somewhat by a cable – no wireless versions are available.

Behind closed doors PDP also had a Tron concept case for the iPad, pictured below. This has the advantage of making your iPad look rather cool but sadly does nothing to hide that you’re a bit of a sheep and will buy any old tat from Apple.


Source: IGN





    • Unfortunately so does MCP!

  2. They look sooo cool! I’m glad I’m not too young to remember Tron!

    Also, love your humour TC, always puts a smile on my face.

  3. I want one of the Tron bikes – for the road…!

  4. Greetings Program…

  5. Meh probably won’t work

  6. That Ps3 controller looks a bit deformed ;D

  7. What happens if I get a blue light controller and then a yellow light controller, but I accidentally cross the wires, will one blow up?

  8. This game won’t be released for the PS3 when sony realize GeoHot will use it to break the MCP and gain control of the system

  9. Looks good, but i bet pricey!

  10. The controller looks ace, but its a shame that its wired.

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