Are There Pirates In Parliament?

Popular torrent site ‘The Pirate Bay’ refuses to walk the plank despite its four founders being jailed for breaking copyright law. In an extremely bold move, it is trying to get its representatives elected into the Swedish Parliament.

The site’s ISP provider and ally – the Pirate Party – plans to put forward prospective MPs in the Swedish election on September 19.  If successful The Pirate Bay could become immune from copyright law.

A statement on their site reads as follows;

“We want to make use of parliamentary immunity from prosecution to protect The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Party recently started to deliver Internet bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, a bittorrent search engine. It is a website that helps people to share digital content, regardless of form. Since The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003, the copyright industry has constantly tried to sabotage and prevent both its servers and users from communicating. This is a problem affecting free speech as well as the internet infrastructure.

It is long since the file-sharing debate was primarily about intellectual property. For several years, it has been about fundamental civil rights such as free speech and the right to privacy. This has become obvious, for example, when a German court recently denied the website The Pirate Bay the right to act politically and ordered it banned from the internet.

The Pirate Party is the only political party that takes responsibility for our fundamental civil rights, our country’s information security, and the talent of the next generation. We demonstrate that through action. Every day.”

The subject of piracy is one that could be debated forever and a day – but is The Pirate Bay right to take this action?

Source: The Pirate Party via TechRadar


  1. Who cares, they are /actually/ dressed as pirates! Arr!

    • lol

    • i really wouldn’t care what they said so long as really went for the part

  2. Are they right to take this action? They sure ‘arrrrrr!’.

  3. Dunno, but while I agree wholeheartedly with their policies regarding civil rights, freedom of speech, infosec, etc., unless they change their name to something more mainstream, they arent going to get anywhere.. Its like campaigning against censorship on the internet and calling yourself “The Pedo Terrorist Party”.

  4. why are pirates called pirates? cus they ‘arrrrr’ sorry couldnt help it.

    On topic, i don’t really see what they are trying to defend. I mean, the site is used to search for pirate digital content. If they made the site so people could only search for non-pirate content, then that would be ok, but as it stands, they are helping to break the law.

    Its a daft as if Google were to say they are not to blame for child porn searches, even though they index child porn sites?!?! (of course they don’t, but its just the only illegal search thing i can think of online).

    • It’s only declared as piracy because publishers say so, if it was free for public use, then it wouldn’t be piracy, but no one makes money that way.
      There used to be a time that copyright infringment was civil only, now it’s criminal, and of course, downloading from the pirate bay helps fund terrorism…? But only if it funds the Government.
      Google CIA ships drugs. They did it Cambodia, they supplied LSD to soldiers in Vietnam, and they continue to ship heroine from Afghansitan.
      So if the Government behaves like this, do they have the right to complain and campaign against piracy?

  5. watch Steal this movie and Steal this movie II – downloadable with whatever torrent client you have already. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again.

  6. A mate was telling me recently that it’s going to be next-to-impossible to take down the Pirate Bay website as it’s been completely decentralised. I’m not sure if even the owners know where it’s all being kept these days.

    Which reminds me, I remember when the original Napster was getting into hot water and a Russian businessman offered to put the servers in space (in one of his satellites). Hahaha!

  7. I want my free music.

    • If all music was free, there would soon be no music as artists wouldn’t be getting paid. The only thing torrent sites are good for is free porn.

      • I doubt that, look at the massive amount of free music out there, and some of it is actually pretty damned good, most of it is better than the mainstream shite that is forced down our necks.
        Besides, if you ask an artist, they’d tell you that if more people listened the happier they’d (artist) be. For them it’s all about people listening and enjoying it. But take their money away and they would soon start crying like little girls.

  8. Misleading title much?

  9. LOL would be cool if they got in. Free everything for Sweden ;)

  10. While the pirate party themselves are too extreme to be taken seriously the debate itself is interesting. A lot of countries will have to look at and revise their laws, because they simply weren’t written with digital media in mind, end then they need to decide what is and isn’t legal:

    – How long should copyright last?
    How long does it need to be to provide an incentive to creators? How strong does it have to be to prevent plagiarism but allow other creative works to borrow an idea. Do we want laws that prevent the characters in a move from quoting a famous book without first paying for a lisence?

    This comic illustrates a lot of the challenges:

    – What should I be allowed to do one I’ve bought something?
    Should I be able to rip a cd to play on my mp3 player?
    How about the mp3 players of everyone in the family?
    Should I be allowed to play it at work without paying extra?
    Should I be allowed to sing a song I memorized off the radio, in public, without having to pay for a license?
    At a private party?
    What about at a small concert?
    What about posting it to youtube?

    A lot of people all over the world are breaking copyright laws, without even realizing it (and a lot of other people do it knowingly, but think they should be allowed to). That’s a sure sign that it isn’t as obvious how those laws should be as some politicians would like to think.

    • Its silly why in hell would Marvel react to user-made content on Littlebigplanet? its just greed

      • I haven’t seen that or marvels reaction so I won’t comment on that. But overall I thing user made content should be allowed some slack, as long as you’re not trying to remake all of super mario (or any other platformer) as a set of levels.

        But how do create the law so that creativity is allowed and encouraged, while still disallowing clear abuses? And without leaving a huge grey area for corporate scare tactics to abuse?

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