New PS3 SKUs Head To Japan

Fans of colour coordination rejoice as soon your beloved PS3 will no longer stick out like a sore thumb next to the Wii and Xbox 360 – in Japan at least. Sony has confirmed that two brand new SKUs will be going on sale in Japan on July 29th – one with a 160GB hard drive, and the other with a 320GB hard drive.

Both of these will be available in the normal black colour, but the 160GB model will also be offered in this rather fetching white, complete with matching DualShock 3.

Price wise the 160GB model will come in at ¥29,980 ($342) which is the same as the existing 120GB, and the 320GB version will sell for ¥34,980 ($399).

As of tomorrow the current 120GB model will switch to open pricing, which means Japanese retailers can price them as they wish to clear out old stock.

As usual there is no word as to whether these new SKUs will make it out of Japan – but we live in hope.

Source: VG247


  1. And they are properly built over the new version of the slim, containing the 40nm RSX. So if they ever hit EU, it would be easy to find a 40nm RSX, just go for the white model :)

    • I wonder how the power consumption compares between the 90nm, 65nm and 40nm chipset SKUs.

      • Pretty drastic actually.

        The first model (eg. 60gb PAL) with both cpu and gpu at 90nm used up to 200W in games. The fist 40gb pal model, had the gpu reduced to 60nm and used around 150W, the next 40gb pal model and also the 80gb and 160gb had both CPU and GPU at 65nm, and used around 120W.

        The first slim model with 65nm gpu and 45nm cpu, used around 100W in games and newest slim with 40nm gpu and 45nm cpu is arund 80W in games.

        The new slim is under 70W when sitting in menu, which is hell of lot less then the 175W, the first PS3 version used.

        So pretty impressive improvements.

      • I now know which one to go for if my fat one dies.

      • Hmmm, might replace my gen1 model with the model that has the PS Move inlcuded (if it’s a 40nm GPU, 45nm CPU model). +50% power saving :-)

    • Alternatively just look for a Slim with a 160GB HDD or a 320GB HDD as neither currently exist…

  2. Want one!

    • I agree, I think it looks really good

  3. mmm not sure about white..boring black still the best in my opinion.
    Althought I did like the limited edition consoles they were offering for FF.

  4. Looks a bit too much like the horrendous wii for my liking. I like the white dual shock, or fuck shock as my phone’s predictive messaging just wanted to call it. I’d buy one of those if they released them seperately, but not going to splash out on a new ps3 just so i can have it in a different colour.

    • I imported a White DualShock 3 when they first came out (before DS3’s were available in the EU), and I must say it is really nice, and hasn’t discoloured either like I thought it might…

      If they launch the different colour in the EU they will do the controllers standalone. Or you could just import from one of the import sites or via eBay…

  5. Looks good enough to eat

  6. been toying with the idea of getting a slim for my bedroom so i have 2.

    If this crosses to our shores i would get one… look cool, although would love a RED one…

  7. Is this anything to do with the two models the FCC approved a few months back? So the only difference is a 160GB and 320GB HDD? So much for my hopes that they would launch a Wireless N version with rear USB ports :(

  8. Doesn’t look as good really. Much prefer my shiny black fat 60gb to this.

    • Agreed. Also, it’s going to show dirt/grime something chronic!

    • Prefer my shiny fat gun metal grey one instead. ;-)

  9. Black all the way for me, its just so sleek and shiny

  10. I had a feeling they might do a colour change after the new 360

    • ha ha ha – you couldnt be more right….

      it’ll happen soon…

      as it will with the Wii…

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