Kojima: Metal Gear 5 Possible

Cats are great. You can play with them for hours, teasing them with a ball of wool, making them chase it around the table legs time and time again. However at some point the cat will get tired and instead of playfully tapping the ball with a paw it lunge at you, claws engaged and rip half your hand off.

I feel like an annoyed cat right now. First Dead Space tease with an announcement of an announcement, then the Bioshock creators ask you to guess their new game and Kojima has said he is doing Metal Gear 5. Or maybe not. Enough with the teasing!

Mini rant over; Kojima has been speaking to Famitsu and said,

“The next project is amazing. The plan is pretty much solidified. Although recently, it has wavered a bit.”

“For the next game I make, it’s either MGS5 or an original game. I only have these two choices.”

Avoiding the fact that he is stating the bleedin’ obvious, at least we know a Kojima helmed Metal Gear 5 is a possibility.

Source: Andriasang


  1. Ugghh, another one? Please make something I’m interested in for a change, MGS: Rising looks to be more my style (melee focused gameplay).

  2. Wonder if this is the PS3 game he’s announcing in September.

    Technically, wasn’t Peace Walker MGS5? That’s what they developed it as… could be the PS3 game is a remake of Peace Walker for the PS3? The heavy co-op focused gameplay would seem far better suited to the PS3 than PSP after all, so it isn’t out of the question.

    • It didn’t have a number attached to it like the others so if the next one does it will be MGS5. I wouldn’t mind an HD, expanded version of MGS:PW but I’m really hankering for a remake of the original two Metal Gear games right now… it just makes sense as it would complete the timeline.

      • I have to agree with that, a remake with HD visuals and brand new gameplay would be fantastic. Especaially since not many people played MG 1 and 2…

  3. I want MGS5 for sure.

    And for gods sake Kojima, make a MGS4 re-release, with updated features and trophies.

    • and move support, perfect excuse for an MGS4 re-release if ever there was one!Besides, it’s tradition; Special Missions, Substance, Subsistance… MGS4 is lonely Kojima, it needs a sibling!

  4. I think I just wet myself. And he didn’t even say anything… What can he do for MGS5? Can’t really continue the story, pretty much everyone’s dead. He could do a really manic shooter based on what Snake was like before Shadow Moses, with a multiplayer. But luckily he’s above that shit.

  5. We can only hope… BTW Metal Gear 5, not counting with spinoffs, was MGS3. Counting with spinoffs it was MGS1

  6. Please stop with the catnip!

  7. Surely they can’t resurrect Snake. He was on his last legs in the last one.

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