Rumour: Star Wars Game?

Hats must be doffed in the direction of Superannuation once more for this morsel of gaming news. He has spotted an advert by developer Spark Unlimited for ‘a senior game play engineer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.’

Star Wars? Star Trek perhaps? Stargate is still going strong in one form or another so the guess is it’s one of these. At least we can be pretty certain its going to have ‘Star’ in the title. Thankfully Mr. Superannuation has uncovered another clue as the LinkedIn profile of Spark Unlimited developer John Lawries lists the following:

Unannounced third person sword fighting game (well known IP, Xbox 360, PS3)

While it is possible any sci-fi franchise could have ‘swords’ in it, only one springs instantly to mind – the one with the glowing swords that go ‘Vwoom’ when waved about.

Source: Superannuation



  1. You and your suggestive Tag Lines Tuffcub

    • They make you sick sometimes. Naughty TC! (Tuffcub not Top Cat)

      • You can tell them a mile off, just like his jeans

      • It’s a qute from Star Wars what are you on about?

      • I know but was it really intended for that purpose?

      • It was appropriate for the ‘cover being blown’ on the game. That is why I used it, not for mut. Honestly you lot think I have a one track mind.

      • In all fairness, can you blame us?

      • Yes, Yes we do Tuffcub

      • Shush the lot of you else you’ll get a whack from my GBDC

  2. Battlefront 3! Please!

    • I hope it is!!!! I loved the first 2 battlefronts


  3. Starfighter?

  4. could be a bat’leth combat game, they didn’t feature as prominently as the lightsabers admittedly, but it’s possible.
    not likely, but possible.

  5. All I want, right, is lightsaber duels with the Move controller. That’s all. Make Masters of Teras Kasi 2 or something, just let me duel with a lightsaber. And include the Wookie crossbow somehow. Lightsabers and crossbows.

    • That is one of the reasons I’m getting Move. Hoping they make the Star Wars Kinect thing come over to the PS3.

    • that would be a confirmed Move controller sale for me right there.

  6. Battlefront 3 please

  7. “Let’s blow this thing and go home”

    Well, these things do have a tendency to blow. Shame that the Lego Star Wars franchise is the best of the lot on Playstation…

  8. I would love a new X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter/X-Wing Alliance style game!

    • Those games were sweet on the PC. I was quite a good hand on them, but I did have a Sidewinder 3D at the time which helped.

  9. Let’s hope it supports Move!

  10. I believe MS had a star wars game to show off kinect at E3. It looked crappy, but perhaps this is that game?

    • It’s MS. Not M$

      • Have you not seen the price of their camera??

      • Pretty sure everyone’s seen the rumours and place holder pricing, which the final release will probably be somewhere near.

        But writing M$ just looks childish and no one writes $ony or Son¥ do they

      • In your opinion cc. A quick browse of two of the top commented articles, the kinect pricing article and the Kotick wants Xbox revenue article, shows that quite a few people use the MS abbreviation. Is it really so surprising to you that on a predominately PS3 oriented site such a term is used?

      • Such childishness is edited whenever possible, like I say no one writes $ony or Son¥. Perhaps simply deleting the comments will prove quicker?

      • It is just annoying to see it. Why does it prove anyway? That MS are trying to make money out of business much like Sony and Ninty

      • LOL.Perhaps it would. Would certainly be easier.

        In all seriousness though, a couple of thoughts. Perhaps a list of terms deemed unacceptable somewhere on the site (maybe there is and I don’t know about it), a name change that encompasses the new scope of the site. The sixthaxis is very definitely a Sony-oriented term. I like the sound of 360thaxis.

      • Just because it’s slightly more PS-related news, doesn’t mean there’s a need to use childish, almost fanboyish terms like that. It’s just pointless and annoying to read. All companies are after your money. That’s their main priority.

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