Driver Delayed Until 2011

Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco has been delayed until 2011, according to the publisher’s financial statements just issued, citing “the competitive market at Christmas” as the principle reason for the unexpected retardation.

The game, which is being developed by Ubisoft’s Reflections studio, will be released during Ubisoft’s fourth financial quarter – between January 1st and March 31st next year.  The game is due to be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


In the same financial report, the publisher claimed sales of €160 million for their first quarter, with the 1.9 million sales of Splinter Cell: Conviction presumably to thank.

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft’s Chief Executive Officer, said their sales performance this quarter “reflects the success of several titles and attests to the quality of our game catalog” and stated that it was “proof of Ubisoft’s ability to make its mark in an ever demanding video games sector.”



  1. no surprise, it looked bloody dreadful

  2. not a big deal for me, my take on it is that they can make it “better” but still crap. guys… what happened to the awesome Driver 1 and 2? 3 and parallel lines, that’s what!

  3. Man…how I wish I could play Conviction on my PS3.

    Although I must admit my PSP is getting all my attention at the moment due to the almighty Peace Walker and the addictive Invizimals….

  4. Meh game looks crap they should of done a remake of driver1 instead

  5. I think they mean: ‘We’re scared of Gran Turismo 5, we’ll stay away from it.’

    • im scared of GT5

      • If it comes out to good reviews (but not great) I hope Kaz will be taught the most massive of lessons. Don’t allow feature-creep to ruin a title and concentrate getting the gameplay right first and foremost. However, if he’s nailed every bit of it then it deserves to go down in history.

  6. I think they should have just done a remake of one of the previous Driver games, this one will be probably crap.

  7. Agree with most people above. This will be crap.

  8. Surprise surprise

  9. Sad. But like it’s been said before, they are probably just scared of GT5. Hopefully that extra few months will let them refine the game, making it like the originals. Although the Shift feature looks a little bit corny, I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

  10. what was they they said about going back to the root?
    other than looking like you can’t get out of the car, there doesn’t seem to be much truth in that.
    well you can change cars with that shift thing, or whatever they’re calling it.
    mind you, with the game mostly taking place in tanner’s head while he’s in a coma after an accident, does that not mean that plotwise, none of what happens will matter?

    • I amagine the first level or so will be tanner driving round. then he will be in a car crash. Eventually he will wake up for the final missions.

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