Geohot Gives In, PS3 Remains Unpirated

January, you’ll remember, was batshit insane, and lead to some of the most commented on stories we’ve ever had on the site.  Self-confessed iPhone hacker Geohot first claimed to have broken into the PS3, and then released something that didn’t really seem to do very much apart from get Sony’s technical boffins all hot and bothered.

Back and forth they went, until Sony took the unprecedented step of removing the option to run Linux on new firmwares, which many assume was directly linked to the hacking progress.  The whole thing was summed up nicely here.


Well, now Geohot’s claiming to have retired from the hacking scene, saying “goodbye“, and although he’s clearly referring to iPhone development we’re assuming he’s also stepping back from trying to break into the PS3, too, bringing an end to speculation that a ‘custom firmware’ will appear for Sony’s console that would allow users to retain the newer firmware features and Linux.

Geohot yesterday claimed to have hacked the iPhone 4, but confirmed today that it was a ‘fake‘.  Geohot’s blog is now invite only.



  1. Excellent. Can I have my Linux box back now Sony?!

    • Damn you! That was gonna be my comment!

      But I love how stupid he is, despite being very clever. It’s his own blog, he can do with it what he wants. If he wants to keep it about technical things, then that’s what he should do. His own actions have the main factors in determining who follows him.
      If people were harassing you, then you should have made your blog inv. only a long long time ago and/or not clamoured to get the limelight as much as you did.

      Shame he hit every branch on the ugly tree on his way down…

    • Probably not…. He’s taken it away, and cant even finish the deal. So all thats achieved is that we have lost functionality we originally had. Thanks very much Geohot you T1T.

  2. I’m assuming Geohot’s now consulting for Microsoft and Nintendo in an attempt to reduce piracy, yes?

    • He’d likely be hired in an instant.

  3. whey!

  4. “Batshit insane” I remember that but cant remember who said it that was hilarious, one more TSA meme to the collection of many

    I know the corporations who own the devices he cracked must despise his actions, but everyone has to admit he is a smart fellow who could be put to good use if only he was pointed in the right direction.

  5. Hes a genius that sadly doesnt use his talent for ‘good’. Its a shame to see a waste.
    Good news that hes giving up on hacking the PS3.

  6. So now hes not going to continue, any chance Sony fixing the issue now and reopening part of the device we paid for??

    Id say…No chance! Still find it very poor on Sony’s front

    • Did everyone use linux? no Sony made a great choice to protect Playstation 3.
      Just refer to the psp

      • Can of worms! Refer to the discussion linked in the article. All the points have been debated, best not drag them up again

  7. Great… thanks for removing some of my ps3’s capability, then doing F*** ALL. He’s a goose…

  8. You mean you guys ARENT invited to read his blog? but You all handled the situation so well? you know the childish name calling and complete one-sided abuse that was on here…not invited… its ALMOST as if he doesn’t want guestbooks full of flaming comments from people who dont understand the blog they’re commenting on…

    2 words render this article redundant “we’re assuming”. Do the math
    Giving up on iphone hacking = its been done.
    his other project was… “i’m assuming” PS3 custom firmware now a priority?

    • maths!

    • I guess people weren’t thrilled about Georgie bragging about hacking the PS3, causing Sony to (admittedly) overreact and remove a nice little feature. This guy is intelligent. Shame he’s also an attention starved child.

      And that wasn’t math.

      • Did he brag about it? I got the impression he just posted his results on his blog (which all white hat hackers do when they find a security vulnerability) and the media just jumped all over it like it was the end of the world.

      • he bragged like a mf. seriously bragged. u see a pic of him if u jailbreak an iphone aswell. he’s a complete tool.

  9. He should admit that he is not capable of hacking the PS3 system completely. What a loser.

  10. “Don’t update your PS3! I will make a custom firmware!”



    “I give up”

    LMAO at anyone who believed his bullshit.

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