More Blur Planned

It’s no secret that Blur under performed when it was released earlier this year.  Despite humorous advertising and a very solid game, not that many people took up the challenge and it can now be found languising in the ‘naughty corner’ of most game retailers.

This hasn’t put off Bizarre though, as it has said it considers Blur to be the start of a big franchise and it plans to develop more games in the series. 


Nick Davies – producer at Bizarre – puts the slow sales down to the period in which the game was released.  Going up against Split/Second and ModNation Racers was never going to be an easy task, although did any of them actually perform as well as hoped?

Despite the glut of quality racing games heading our way, the prospect of a new Blur is pleasing – hopefully the sequel will have an easier ride and not be sandwiched between similar games.

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  1. Played the demo. Hated it.

    Handling was awful. You can’t turn a corner without crashing into the wall.

    • You have to brake!

      • What?! Who uses brakes?

      • Actually you’d be surprised how far that one thing gets you in online games! You pick a grippy car, everyone flies off at the start, then you pass them all on the inside of the first corner

      • Really? You need to break?!!! OUTRAGOUS! =)

    • I tried the demo over the weekend and really enjoyed it , yea you have to brake into those corners particularly in the city maps . For a demo they really let you loose with all the maps and cars . Its a deffo buy for me , it blows the crap out of its supposed rival Split Second .
      The online works so well and I could see myself getting hooked on that part which would be a first for a car game this gen. I normally prefer the sim type racers like Supercar Challenge and GT and hate Burnout , Need for Speed etc but this was really good craic .
      The power ups work really well and its clear the devs put a lot of time and attention into balancing .

      • Prefer Split/Second myself, but the online was good fun on Blur!

    • Braking is important for many racing games….

  2. Blur is very under rated, it’s a brilliant racer. I got mine from Love Film (rental) and only played with it for a couple of days, but it convinced me its worth a purchase when it gets to £20.00

    • I read this thinking “did I already comment”, so close to my own experience was this post! Online is really good fun and only the lack of players stops it from being fantastic

    • Exactly the same experience as me. Rented from lovefilm, loved every second of it, now just waiting for the price to drop a wee bit

      • i got it for £26 from tesco, i hadnt read reviews or seen videos. its a really good game, i mainly play it for split screen and online. but with demons souls taking my time i probs wont complete as it is actually quite challenging

  3. Yet another game I would eventually like to pick up after this summer’s epic Peace Walker fiesta.

  4. I’m hoping more for a modnation 2 where the online actually works, you can get more than 4 people in an online race, where it’s possible to get your tracks karts and mods downloaded without pimping them constantly in the chat boxes, where you’re not randomly disconnected from their server constantly etc.

    • I second that!

    • Yes!

      I absoloutely love MNR. Only thing I want is a vastly improved online, more templates to create with (come on, 4?) and a few more tools and variation in scenery props and such.

      MNR2, yes please. Does anyone know how much it sold?

  5. Really didnt like the demo and got Split Second instead, a much better racer, imo..

    • Im the opposite, rented SS and got bored after the 5th episode.Ive been playing the blur demo since last week and love it now its top of my rental list and i may just buy it if still good, then again i may get bored all over again.

      • Just to be awkward, I bought both games and like them both a lot. The tactics of Blur – apart from the bloody annoying pause before the boost kicks in; and by that time you’re facing a wall… – require the brain to be in gear, and the waiting, waiting, waiting of Split/Second until you’ve got the required capability to blow up a tower/plane/whatever also means it’s more than just a simple sprint. Scores: both 9/10, but SS just edges it…

  6. It’s a good game, hubby loves it and picked it up after playing the demo, and I enjoy it for half an hours racing, but I wouldnt pay £40 for it.

    • Im sure ive seen it for under £20

    • Most places are knocking it out for about £25 now.
      I have it, paid £26 at Tesco. I gave really enjoyed it so far.
      To sum it up in one sentence I would say it is a grown up kart racer. I think part of it’s problem is that because it contains real marques punters are expecting a more sim like experience.

      • ASDA are selling it for £25 aswell. Bargin if you ask me

  7. I picked this up for Eu15 in gamestop by trading in an old game. Not as visually pleasing as split 2nd but fine game all the same.

  8. “Going up against Split/Second and ModNation Racers was never going to be an easy task, although did any of them actually perform as well as hoped?”

    None of these did as well as hoped as the juggernaut that is Red Dead Redemption was also released the same day – I had wholly intended to get Split Second on release, but RDR tempted me away (for a short while – I have it now & its brilliant!). I had also intended on getting Modnation at some point, but the load times have really put me off & i will be getting Blur instead now!

  9. Love this game – which is why I sent the entire weekend playing it. Glad to hear they’re sticking with the franchise.

    • Hopefully some decent dlc will be with us soon. Does anyone know what is planned?

      • Its been out for a while, Dlc would be unlikey

  10. I own Blur and like a good thrash on it but i doesnt live up to much against what is on the market today, and with mentioned big titles coming our way in the next few months it will fade away and die…which in my opinion is really sad as its not a bad game, but it isnt a very good one either!

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