Big Thrills Coming To Xbox 360

Trials HD is one of the best games on the Xbox Live Marketplace – it’s so good one member of my immediate family decided it was worth buying an Xbox 360 for.  He didn’t, ultimately, but he nearly did.  Pretty good, eh?

Well, according to our buddies over at GamerBytes, Redlynx are working on a bumper update for the game, entitled the “Big Thrills” pack.  The DLC will contain 40 new levels from the developers and 10 of the best user-created tracks from the game’s online community.


Nicely, everyone with a level featured in the game will receive prizes and in-game credit.

This latest update, 50 levels in total, will bring the game’s massive course count up to 110 – the game launched with 35 and the first DLC last year added 25 more.  There’s no word yet on pricing or date, but hopefully we’ll get more pieces for the level designer.



  1. Superb news, nofi. This is by far and away the most played Marketplace game I play (despite not being very good at it) and I can’t wait to get my hands on this new pack.

  2. It’s a shame this is XBL exclusive :\

    I can’t understand why games like Trials HD, Joe Danger, etc… Are exclusives… I know, I know… Marketing, but the consumers would be happy though.

  3. Utterly awesome game and lovely news for fans everywhere (including me). Gutted that it won’t be on the PSN but hey-ho. Go steal an Xbox!

  4. Great game. I got as far as the medium levels I think. I would expect to only progress as far again with these new ones, so doubt I’ll buy them.

  5. One of my favourite games for 360, so great to hear there’s more levels, although I kinda got my ass handed to me around hard mode.. So not sure how well I’ll do with these.
    BTW, the best update RedLynx could do for this game, is allow user created levels to be shared in some kind of central repository. The current mode doesnt work too well, imo.

  6. Just watched a video of this game on youtube…WOW !
    Why isn’t this on PS3 :( Its like soo awesome looking !!

  7. just hope the new levels are medium difficulty cos i’m really struggling on hard and extreme.

    • I’d suggest playing some Joe Danger to make you feel better. Works for me. 8-)

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