Bowling Says No to CoD Subs

Robert Bowling has just posted a blog referring to the video that was widely reported throughout Monday. It seems that on top of his refuting the existence of a CoD subscription model via his Twitter feed he also wants to categorically deny that any such plans are in place for Modern Warfare 2 or any other Call of Duty game.

[the video] does not… prove a pay-to-play subscription model is in the works for Modern Warfare 2, because no such plan exists for this or any other Call of Duty (including the upcoming Black Ops).

So, that’s no subscription for Modern Warfare 2, which is hardly surprising – it would be crazy to think that a subscription was possible to impose on a game which has already been sold.


Not only that but it also quashes any rumours that Treyarch and/or Activision (everyone’s favourite greedy-publisher-stereotype misconception) are going to try charging you a subscription fee to play Call of Duty: Black Ops too. Thanks for the big squashy boots of common sense Robert!

Can we please all stop with the ridiculous assumptions that everything related to Activision is motivated by greed, avarice and an unhealthy desire to castigate their target demographic? It’s really tiresome now, they’re a business – they make money. If you don’t like it, stop buying their products by the barrow-load.



  1. From the tweet, I thought that “subs” either referred to subtitles or submarines. Heh, well glad to hear we won’t have to pay-to-play.

    • …or tasty footlong sandwiches. :D

  2. Activision are all cuddly teddy bears

    • See, I feel better about seven “… Hero” games a year and a £55 RRP now.
      It’s all about the image ;)

  3. If Activision are too prove that they’re not evil then this is it…. but they need to battle Skate with Tony Hawk the original way that made it amazing and fun which Skate doesn’t have anymore.

    • whats so mad about adding a subscription service after the game has been made? doing things wrong, and flip flopping about is all we get this gen after we have bought something. OtherOS removal, codes to unlock online, buying from different shops to get different addon’s, the edios DRM PC server activator, level packs that include levels from old games, DLC songs that can’t be played on other GH disks, patch after patch after patch to fix things that should never of left the studio ect ect as im sure there are hundreds more examples i have missed. This gen has been so annoying, and i wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Activison added a subscription. What can you do about it if they do? nothing as they will demand a patch to be installed to go online and close off the old servers. and i’m very sure that somewhere in the T&C’s for MW2 is there will be a disclaimer saying that they can close the servers at any time.

      • “edios DRM PC server activator” got that wrong, credit where credit is due for fucking things up, it was Ubisoft and AC2

      • “What can you do about it if they do? nothing as they will demand…”
        Who cares what they demand? If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it. I’m constantly stunned that people find this so hard, everyone talks like this is some kind of inevitability and we are all going to have to do what Bobby Kotick says.. Nobody is forcing you to pay for a subscription, so if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. If subscription services don’t make money for them and they see that more people buy games that don’t have it, they will stop doing it.

      • yep i agree. hence i don’t own MW2 as i don’t agree with the pricing. But the fact that we buy things that then can be changed with no real choice our end, is getting tiresome.

        And my point about demand, is this; If you own MW2, (and lets face it, its an online only game as SP is piss poor, so nearly all MW2 owners only play online) then Activision demand a subscription and turn off old servers, you have a £55 drinks coaster if you don’t subscribe. If Activision said its £10 for 6 months of service, i think 90% of the users will put up with it and pay. MW2 has sooo many fanboys i could see the subscription being done. and to ‘sweeten’ the deal, activision could just throw in a map pack (2 old MW maps will be a easy copy and paste job) with the service.

  4. What is the world coming too when a business wants to make money? ;)

  5. yea thats as maybe but they turned me into a newt … I got better though .

  6. Ha ha….its coming, mark my words, its coming.

    Once CODBO blows up – Short Arms and Deep Pockets wint work…

  7. Good news :)

  8. Well it’s not “their products”, it’s the dev’s product actually

  9. Good, good. Didn’t really expect a system like that to be implemented, but it’s good to know for sure.

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