“Sony Doesn’t Care About Move” – MS Exec

Paul Naber, Microsoft’s Dutch Exec and former Sony employee, has gone on a scathing attack of PlayStation Move and Sony in general. Not only is the technology what he (and others perhaps, it’s a new term to us) calls “fud”, the Microsoft executive doesn’t believe Sony are wholeheartedly behind their own product. He states:

“I’m convinced that Move for Sony is, what we call, fudding. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. They don’t give a shit about Move, but it takes the wind out of Kinect’s sails, or it could. Exactly the same as we did with HDDVD and Blu-Ray. When people are unsure of a new technology, they won’t get on board. And that doesn’t bother them as far as Move is concerned, because they don’t care about it anyway.”

Naber also calls out Sony’s decision to enter the motion market as a reactionary response to Microsoft’s Kinect.


“I still think their response, last year, was ‘Oh shit, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly, let’s get developers up there with even stranger lollipops!’ But if you look at how far along they are, what kind of support they have and things like that… They’re launching in September with how many titles? I think it’s too vague for words.”

If this all seems like biased company allegiance, it’s important to note that Naber worked at Sony for a number of years, and one would assume be privy to how the company as a whole operates. Naber is also convinced that Microsoft are doing a better job of supporting retailers in the Netherlands when it comes to Kinect than Sony are with rival product Move. He continues:

“I’ve worked there [at Sony] for five years! I know what they do! Dropping the price even though there’s no stock, why? Because you know your competitor will stop selling. They are really good at that, at Fudding. The future will tell if Sony is serious about Move or that they really use as FUD. To date, the retailers in NL talk enormously about our strategic approach to Kinect and they’re, like, surprised at the complete lack of any story whatsoever from Sony about Move. They have a folder containing five titles and a release date and that’s it.”

Naber goes on to state that these are his personal opinions and do not reflect the position of his employer.

“Everything I said I said out of personal conviction and not as [an] Xbox boss. My PR lady kill me when she hears what I have said.”

You think? Expect a Sony rebuttal in five … four … three …

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    • LOL! This just does not get old.

  2. Bitterness is an awful quality! Slagging of you ex employer just made those comments… what was it…. FUD!

    Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt about the success of Kinect against Sony and Nintendo. What an idiot!

  3. Nearly everything he says sounds so genuinely bitter and twisted. Wow! Like he’s had a few shandies at work and started spouting how he really feels. Not just your average bitter but twist-the-knife bitter. Wow (again)!

    I’m sure Kinect will sell well but when compared (if that’s at all possible), Move is streets ahead in how it can be applied to gaming. It’s nothing revolutionary but we don’t actually require that. Kinect, however, is looking great in different ways I’m just unconvinced as to how it’ll meld with the gaming world.

  4. Paul Naber sure likes his FUD!

  5. did he just admit that ms gave, pretty limited, support to hddvd just to combat bluray?
    i’d be pissed if i was one of those xbox owners who bought into hddvd assuming ms would throw their weight behind that format.
    but then it’s not like this is news for them, it’s just new that anybody at ms would admit it.
    and i agree with glenn, move is a response to nintendo’s success with the wii.
    much as kinect is, both ms and sony saw how much money nintendo were making and wanted some of that pie.
    all this willy waving just turns people away from the companies they’re trying to make sound better.
    if you slag off the competition it makes you look desperate, whether you are or not.

    • just what im thinking… he really did say hddvd was just some kind of diversion tactic and never meant to be supported, if i got him right
      and because MS uses those tactics, sony has to use them too, right?

  6. Sony don’t care about Move? That’s why they’ve dedicated like their last 3 conferences to it…

  7. ” They’re launching in September with how many titles?”
    And MS is launchin Kinect at what price point and HOW MANY TITLES ? theres more titles for PSMove than there is for Kinect unless I see something amazing from Kinect the only games it will ever have are Eyetoy era games

    • Kinect is launching with 5 mini-game shovelware collections, 1 dancing game, and 14 fitness shovelware games!

      Ok so I made that up but the ratio is probably right!

      After all what self-respecting gamer isn’t rushing out on launch day to pick up Kinect and a copy of “Get Fit With Mel B”?!

      • What self respecting gamer wants to stand up? It’s why we have the internet to deliver us our games!

    • Well yes, but Move is launching pretty soon, Kinect isn’t out for another 4 and a bit months yet.

  8. They certainly spent a long time on the E3 presentation on something they dont care about. This sounds like a disgrunted ex-Sony employee bitching and he’s done himself no favours. Good luck getting your next job mate.

  9. Maybe this guy should search YouTube for the Move R&D video showing Richard Marks demoing an early prototype of the Move controller back in 2004 or there abouts – hardly a knee-jerk product they threw together last minute to combat Kinect.

    Maybe he should also take a look at the fact Sony have already been in the ‘hands-free’ gaming market back on the PS2 and realised then how limited it was, which is why they passed on the opportunity to buy the same company MS ended up buying to make Kinect – Sony have been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt.

    That whole outburst sounded to me like a ‘fanboy rant’ from someone who is worried they are walking straight into a flop, like they did with HDDVD and getting in early saying if it does flop it is Sony’s fault. If I was a psychologist I would say it speaks volumes that he is comparing Move to Blu-ray and Kinect to HDDVD in his rant…

    And if anyone is spreading ‘FUD’ then it’s this guy trying to scare people into thinking Sony don’t care about Move and it’s just a device to mask the fact that Kinect is up there with the invention of the internet…

    From what I’ve seen Move already has more titles announced for it than EyeToy had over it’s lifetime, and there are plenty of big 3rd party games adopting this tech for their games, including plent of ‘hardcore’ franchises.

    This guy should just face facts and admit MS sold out to cash in on the Wii shovelware market and in doing so abadoned their core audience. Using a device that started off as a dodgy concept and has slowly been chipped away further to keep the costs down – removing the processors, reducing the depth res from 640 to 320, reducing the skeletal tracking from 48 joints to just 20, etc. Afterall who needs all that pesky accuracy with shovelware titles and fitness games…

    • i thought that sony had come up with the idea of the move long before kinect but i wasn’t sure. just watched the youtube vid and the concept of move is clear in the vid and probably hardware limitations of ps2 made sony wait. mr naber, ex sony now at ms looks to me like kinect is the retaliation product and is fudded. I think he’s been in holland too long lol.

  10. “Sony doesnt care about move”??? theyve made a pretty solid looking piece of hardware, new games and support for existing games (looking forward to RE5 and Heavy Rain with this) and strong conference showings. If they dont care about it then they certainly seem to have put in a fair amount of thought and money.

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