“Sony Doesn’t Care About Move” – MS Exec

Paul Naber, Microsoft’s Dutch Exec and former Sony employee, has gone on a scathing attack of PlayStation Move and Sony in general. Not only is the technology what he (and others perhaps, it’s a new term to us) calls “fud”, the Microsoft executive doesn’t believe Sony are wholeheartedly behind their own product. He states:

“I’m convinced that Move for Sony is, what we call, fudding. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. They don’t give a shit about Move, but it takes the wind out of Kinect’s sails, or it could. Exactly the same as we did with HDDVD and Blu-Ray. When people are unsure of a new technology, they won’t get on board. And that doesn’t bother them as far as Move is concerned, because they don’t care about it anyway.”

Naber also calls out Sony’s decision to enter the motion market as a reactionary response to Microsoft’s Kinect.


“I still think their response, last year, was ‘Oh shit, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly, let’s get developers up there with even stranger lollipops!’ But if you look at how far along they are, what kind of support they have and things like that… They’re launching in September with how many titles? I think it’s too vague for words.”

If this all seems like biased company allegiance, it’s important to note that Naber worked at Sony for a number of years, and one would assume be privy to how the company as a whole operates. Naber is also convinced that Microsoft are doing a better job of supporting retailers in the Netherlands when it comes to Kinect than Sony are with rival product Move. He continues:

“I’ve worked there [at Sony] for five years! I know what they do! Dropping the price even though there’s no stock, why? Because you know your competitor will stop selling. They are really good at that, at Fudding. The future will tell if Sony is serious about Move or that they really use as FUD. To date, the retailers in NL talk enormously about our strategic approach to Kinect and they’re, like, surprised at the complete lack of any story whatsoever from Sony about Move. They have a folder containing five titles and a release date and that’s it.”

Naber goes on to state that these are his personal opinions and do not reflect the position of his employer.

“Everything I said I said out of personal conviction and not as [an] Xbox boss. My PR lady kill me when she hears what I have said.”

You think? Expect a Sony rebuttal in five … four … three …

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  1. Breaking news: Microsoft doesn’t care about Kinect.

    • Hardcore Gamers?

    • i agree all MS care about is the $1 billion that kinect will make in the first 12 months (or so they reckon).

    • breaking news: Microsoft obviously cares about Move :-D

  2. “but it takes the wind out of Kinect’s sails”

    No, that was your shitty E3 ‘performance’, buddy.

    • “Oh shit, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly”…err im sure the MS office went; “Oh shit, Nintendo is onto something, we have to pull something out of the 90’s quickly…lets use the PlayStation eye toy and ‘try’ to make it better”

      haha, what a mug! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! As you have pointed out nofi, Kinect has not given anyone any excitement what so ever. the only excitement its getting is from celebrity’s (cough $$$), then news coverage of said celebritys

      • completyly agree with you there, its basically the eye toy

    • Oh amen brother…


    • Its PR like this that makes gamers like me steer clear of MS.

  3. If Sony doesn’t care about Move, Kevin Butler does.

    • yeah KB cares about buttons, microsoft dont.
      microsoft are backing kinect so much that their letting their other games suffer, crackdown being a perfect example.
      desperate times call for desperate measures which is why their staff are acting retarded. he basically shot himself in the foot by bringing up how blu-ray owned HD-DVD.

      • as long as KB cares, we’ll be just fine.

  4. The decision to enter was clearly a reaction to Nintendo, in the same way Kinect is. The unveiling? Well if you compare its level of polish to the rest of last year’s Sony conference it does feel like that was a reaction to MS.

    • I disagree – Sony have been criticised many times for over-promising and under-delivering at conferences from the PS3 hardware unveil [the one with twin-HDMI and 5 Ethernet ports amongst other things], the Home unveil [complete with global media sharing and full internet/mobile phone integration], the Motorstorm CG trailer, the Killzone 2 CG trailer etc.

      For me a live stage demo of prototype units was refreshing and I took it to mean Sony saying “This is our controller, it’s real, it’s working today, and it speaks for itself” – and it got a great reaction from the crowd because of it. Far better than Microsoft’s flashy (but utterly faked) concept trailers of what Project Natal might look like and might do in the future – perceptions that have been continuously been scaling back ever since. I’m sure Sony could through together a PS4 trailer today if they wanted too – doesn’t mean they’re any further ahead in development than Microsoft…

      If you ask me MS didn’t have a product when they announced Natal they had a company they just bought that promised to give them the ability to do an EyeToy+. Sony on the other hand wheeled out their R&D guys to show an actual product (one Marks has been working on for as long as EyeToy if you check the YouTube vids). Sony finally got it right – if anything they under-promised and over-deliveried. Whereas MS fell into the old Sony trap of promising the World on a future product only to realise the reality was very different…

      • give that man a toffee apple

      • forget toffee apple, stick of candy floss! :)

      • Well said Apnomis….

      • Well put Apno .

      • Kinect still isn’t really finished.

  5. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt? How about a price for Kinect then?

    • doubt if it’ll ever support core-gamers..
      uncertainty whether it’ll ever work sitting down..

    • I does work sitting. They just have to ‘program’ it to work sitting. Lol. Funny. =P

  6. Microsoft showing how they can create a negative view to any company……. so luscious

    • I actually feel more negative towards Microsoft now, if anything. So petty.

  7. Sounds like Kevin Butler had a raunchy night with his Mom and he’s out to get revenge. Jokes aside, I hate it when companies attack each other. I pictured a 14 year old in a business suit saying all of that. It did seem very childish.

  8. Everything he said seems… backward. Kinect has a vague amount of launch titles (as well as no price point). I’m thinking there’s more then “five titles” known of, plus a bunch of patches to be released at launch. “When people are unsure of a new technology, they won’t get on board.” Move’s technology is clearly “proven”, without even mentioning it is a more precise, 1:1 Wii (a technology that has more then proven itself), there have been countless tech and game demos shown and played by the general public.

    This dudes just stirring the pot.

  9. Do MS have some sort of agreement with people when they first start working for the company in that they have to act like a complete cock when faced by the Media?

  10. “I still think their response, last year, was ‘Oh shit, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly”

    should read

    “I still think their response, last year, was ‘Oh shit, NINTENDO is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly”

    One thing is clear though, my dad is bigger than your Dad.

    • Huh? There’s videos of a ‘move’ prototype on YouTube from the playstation 2 era, also there’s strong evidence that the eye toy was a semi prototype to see how the tracking worked…

      • yeah, i think it was rather: “huh? motion controls are not a fad? get me that guy with the glowing balls we kept ignoring for years”

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