“Sony Doesn’t Care About Move” – MS Exec

Paul Naber, Microsoft’s Dutch Exec and former Sony employee, has gone on a scathing attack of PlayStation Move and Sony in general. Not only is the technology what he (and others perhaps, it’s a new term to us) calls “fud”, the Microsoft executive doesn’t believe Sony are wholeheartedly behind their own product. He states:

“I’m convinced that Move for Sony is, what we call, fudding. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. They don’t give a shit about Move, but it takes the wind out of Kinect’s sails, or it could. Exactly the same as we did with HDDVD and Blu-Ray. When people are unsure of a new technology, they won’t get on board. And that doesn’t bother them as far as Move is concerned, because they don’t care about it anyway.”

Naber also calls out Sony’s decision to enter the motion market as a reactionary response to Microsoft’s Kinect.


“I still think their response, last year, was ‘Oh shit, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly, let’s get developers up there with even stranger lollipops!’ But if you look at how far along they are, what kind of support they have and things like that… They’re launching in September with how many titles? I think it’s too vague for words.”

If this all seems like biased company allegiance, it’s important to note that Naber worked at Sony for a number of years, and one would assume be privy to how the company as a whole operates. Naber is also convinced that Microsoft are doing a better job of supporting retailers in the Netherlands when it comes to Kinect than Sony are with rival product Move. He continues:

“I’ve worked there [at Sony] for five years! I know what they do! Dropping the price even though there’s no stock, why? Because you know your competitor will stop selling. They are really good at that, at Fudding. The future will tell if Sony is serious about Move or that they really use as FUD. To date, the retailers in NL talk enormously about our strategic approach to Kinect and they’re, like, surprised at the complete lack of any story whatsoever from Sony about Move. They have a folder containing five titles and a release date and that’s it.”

Naber goes on to state that these are his personal opinions and do not reflect the position of his employer.

“Everything I said I said out of personal conviction and not as [an] Xbox boss. My PR lady kill me when she hears what I have said.”

You think? Expect a Sony rebuttal in five … four … three …

Source: Bashers via Spong.



  1. OK this guy may have a point that PS Move was a reaction to kinect and the wii but that is coming from somebody that now works for microsoft and back in the early 2000’s MS released the x box console as a reaction to the success of sony’s playstation 1 and the newly released playstation 2 (pot kettle black anyone ???).

    • just found out sony developed move concept years before kinect

  2. Well that’s actually quite funny…
    yes, Sony might not care about Move, but that doesn’t stop them putting a lot of 1st and 2nd party developer support into it.

    Oh, and it has the advantage of having buttons, which means that any and every Wii game out there will be portable to the system. Whilst next to none of those will reach Kinect…

  3. with kinect they can only make new games for it, you cant really fit it into any other types of games. with move its already going into killzone 3 and LBP, it can be used a lot more than kinect and its much closer to the wii which loads of people love, i say move has got a better chance.

    Move= wii with better graphics

    Kinect= eyetoy with better graphics

    • Also some of the more hardcore titles on the wii that didnt sell well due to a family audience could be ported to the PS3 and sell tremendously such as Madworld

  4. This is a timed Orchestrated outburst masterminded by M$, they pull off stunts like this all the time, lets not forget the horrendous PR the PS3 got pre-post release. All Orchestrated and pretty much the way M$ and America in general does things ( *Cough* Obama’s outbursts against ‘BRITISH petrolium’…. *whisper* thats Anglo/American Petrolium Mr President!””*whisper* Yes..I know )

    God, I hate America and their pathetic blame culture… where there’s Blame, there’s a claim !!! argh!!

    • I think this guy was hoping that his 5 years at Sony would add some authenticity to his remarks….usual crap – corporate willy waving.

      And besides, how would Kinect work in a FSP context? Can some one even hazard a guess?

      • I belive it called
        Pow, Pow, Pow
        Well that Kevin Butler calls it.

  5. Is he saying Kinect will be to Move, what Blu-ray is to HDDVD?

    • Yes, and he is totally right you know? All you have to do is wave a blu-ray in front of kinect and it will start playing on-screen* with 7:1 surround sound without the need for actual speakers* – that’s Amazing*


      • Oh, I forgot kinect also ports games to the PS3. It simply needs to record 30-45 seconds of gameplay and it fills in the blanks does all the hard work better than most developers*


  6. Hmm, two words – “sour” and “grapes”. Pretty sure he left on bad terms when he left Sony by the sounds of it.

    Oh, and another two words – “pissing” and “match”!

  7. So… if Kinect fails, it’s all Sony’s fault. Right. Shame on you, Sony :P

  8. Well MS obviously cares so much about Kinect, they feel the need to put a $150 price tag on it.

  9. Thats weird because up hear in Scotland we’d call him a fud… Totally different definitions :P

  10. That was some epic meltdown

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