PSN Move Titles Get Blu-Ray Releases

The Sony E3 trailer had a hint of the next Buzz title, ‘Buzz: The Ultimate Quiz’ but what it didn’t reveal is that the game will support the PlayStation Move. have the title listed as ‘Move Compatible’ at the rather tempting price of just £17.99.

More trawling on the Play website reveals that PSN  titles High Velocity Bowling and Hustle Kings will be arriving on Blu-ray for their Move debuts.


A little more fishing has reeled in another Move title as ‘The Deadiest Catch: Sea Of Chaos’ arrives on our shores after setting sail from America. Fire up your PS3 GlowBallStick and throw crabs in a bucket! You can also enjoy the thrills of being head-to-head against Captain Sig Hansen to see who can catch the most crabs in a single season or play a mini game in which you sort crabs.

For future reference let’s just assume crabs feature quite heavily.

By the way, if anyone has any suggestion for future 1990’s dance music inspired tag lines please post in the comments.  We’ve done Real 2 Reel “I Like To Move It” and “Go On Move” with today’s tag line taken from Capella ‘Move On Baby’.  I’ve got “Move Your Ass” by Scooter lined up but any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.



  1. Buzz with /Move support? I dont see the glow balls being pressed! :P

  2. World in Motion – New Order
    Not strictly “Move” but its all about motion and England and John Barnes.

  3. I already own Hustle Kings from the PS Store, will this be getting an update to make it compatible with ‘Move’?

  4. Move Mania by Sash! feat. Shannon.
    Quite literally couldn’t get enough of that song for a while.

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