iPhone Flight Control Heading To PS3?

News from Sony Korea emerged overnight that centred on PlayStation Move.  Specifically, a release date (September 15th) and a list of games, which – yes – included Flight Control.


If you don’t know what Flight Control is then chances are you’ve still managed to shave, eat and sleep.  If you’re hairy, hungry and tired then we want to know what score you’re currently rocking.

The game, from Firemint studios, is one of the best games on the iPhone and iPad (shown above), tasking the player with managing ever increasing numbers of incoming planes.  It’s maddeningly addictive.

Anyway, if this is true expect Flight Control to require the Move, and be a downloadable title.

You can read our review of Flight Control here.

Source: Siliconera, via PSNStores.



  1. I have this game on my Nokia 5800 and it’s cool


    • Despite seeing “FIRST!” written below thousands of articles and blog posts in my time, I still am yet to understand someone’s reason for doing it. Not only that, but I’m yet to see someone’s explanation as to why they thought it was a good idea.

      Care to enlighten us? Is it adding anything particularly interesting to the conversation?

      Also, OMG this is my favourite game on my iPhone. Although I normally get distracted by something when I’m playing it. I’d imagine it would be a lot more addictive on the PS3 where you can give it your full concentration and where I’m sure it will have many more features. Can’t wait.

  2. And Android, though there is a hardware accelerated version which looks much nicer.
    I don’t think this would work that well without a touchscreen though, but I’ve never used Move to know how well that compares

    • Hi 3 shirts , I’m on android 2.1 with a desire and wondered is this game on the market place .i have something called air control that looks similar but this looks cooler .

  3. On the original map I screw up around the 50 mark, but some of the other maps seem easier so it’s more like 110 and then I lose complete control. Pathetic I know.

  4. Cool Beans…

  5. This is a win, win. Got this game for my iPhone and it’s ace.

  6. Yay. << Sarscastic Yay in case it needs pointing out.

    • Gotta love your cynicism!

  7. I reeeeeeally hope this is true :D Flight Control is my number one toilet game, and has been since I bought it :D

    • Do you have a PS3 in your toilet?

      • The alternative is that Andy has started shitting in the lounge.

  8. Do you think someone in some meeting somewhere went ‘Hey, you know these things (Two ball on sticks glowing move controllers) look like those things them aircraft controller guys use to guide them big planes as they taxi around…?’ Which promted another someone to stop playing on their iphone for a second and chip in their promotion winning suggestion… Successful App + PS3 + those magic wand things = a win for the dlc team.

    Now all I’ll hear in my head all day is the theme from TopGun.

  9. Now we just need angry birds…

  10. this is on ds as well isnt it?
    maybe it will appear on psp too.

    • Definately wouldn’t work on PSP. You need to rouch the screen somehow. A finger or stylus, perfect. A Move wand, probably ok. An analogue stick? Fiddly, annoying and slow

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