Free Realms Lifetime Membership For $30

Sony Online Entertainment is offering lifetime membership to MMO Free Realms for the paltry fee of $30. That’s if you upgrade your account before August 2nd, of course.


The game is very much free in the strictest sense of how much a free MMO can be, with access to multiple characters, discounts on items and certain jobs requiring a paid subscription account. If you’re addicted to cutesy mini-games and interacting with like-minded tweens, this is a steal.

No mention of a PS3 release date unfortunately. But hey, no surprise there, right?

Source: Joystiq



  1. That’s my idea of a good subscription model.

    Wasn’t they ment to show freerealms at this years e3? Im guessing they’ll quietly can it at some point.

    • It is good since it isn’t too much to buy and it will bring in some nice $.

  2. It’s a nice turn of a subscription based model. Hope they use this system for more games (FF XIV)

  3. It’s free, as long as you pay.
    A bit like Ford, “You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black”

  4. I guess most people are only using the free service and not paying for the premium content so this is a way to ensure some income.

  5. Not sure about MMO’s on consoles – free or otherwise.

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