PSP Firmware 6.31 Out Now

Your PSP feeling just a little unloved after its big brother got a shiny new (if not all that exciting) firmware update earlier this week? Well now it too can get in on the updating action, with Sony now making version 6.31 of the system’s software available.

As is common with the .01 releases, not a whole lot has been changed, and the official changelist in the installer reads only “Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on format under [Game]”, although I’m pretty sure that actually came in 6.30. It’s also likely that there’s the usual security and performance fixes in there too.


You can grab it via the update function on the console itself, and it should be available via the direct download links on the official PlayStation sites at some point today.



  1. Nice to know that the psp still gets some TLC from sony

    • The last update wasn’t that long ago.

  2. Maybe it fixes the fact that it doesn’t remember you had it sorted.

    • I was thinking the same thing. i’ll check when I get home.

    • That’d be nice, but I’ll say it again. Can we organise things alphabetically please? Or is that too logical?

      • I’d like custom folders, that or remove the folders I don’t have content for.

      • I’d like customer folders on the PS3, the XMB is an arse when you have a list of over a 100 items

      • @CC. You can group stuff on the XMB can’t you?
        You can alternate the predetermined groups with square(?) Or create your own.
        I’ve got Folders for First play, Demos, Full games etc, Then in film I’ve got, Action, Comedy etc

      • @cc_star
        My solution to that is using the ‘album’ sorting mode (I think it’s called that), then you can choose an album for each item by pressing triangle. It’s clunky, but it works.

      • Its a bit crap, and you can’t sort things down into more than one folder. The I think photos can have a folder in a folder, but thats still not enough organisation for me :D

      • Do what I do – go to Information for each game/demo etc., then under Album, type in PSP, Demo, Full Game, Full Retail Game (Wipeout, LBP), and then change the sort order to sort by album.

        Sounds like a pain, and it is when you do everything the first time, but keep doing it as you download new stuff and it takes no time but keeps things nicely organised. ;o)

  3. PSP Firmware updates haven’t had features in years. It’s just trying to beat CFW (which never works).

  4. It STILL doesn’t keep your game folder sorting. :|

    • Really? That’s pretty stupid of Sony. 2 updates and they still can’t get it right.

    • I’m not gonna bother with this one then.

  5. Its useless its nothing like what the PS3 group format is like. When will I buy a neo Geo game huh?
    When will there be new fixs seriously how long? Music and free space are a menace.

  6. wat’s the freaking point in having sorting if u have to reset it every single time.

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