Sony Korea Reveals New Move Games

In the same Sony Korea Move event that revealed that iPhone and iPad classic Flight Control was coming to the PlayStation Network, the company also let slip two more titles coming for the controller.

‘Ignite’ is a stunt-centric racing title coming from Nemesys, which was previously announced for a 2009 disk release. The game is now coming to PSN, and will support Move – presumably in a similar sideways fashion to the Wii’s Mario Kart, although this is not confirmed. It actually looks pretty shiny for a Network title (you can see some shots below), but no date has yet been confirmed.


The other previously-unknown game on the list is ‘Soaked’ from Melbourne-based Big Ant Studios. The developers previously worked on the PSP port of Hellboy: The Science of Evil, as well as some of the more recent Spyro games, but all we know about ‘Soaked’ is that it is coming to PSN and Move, will be a “family game” of some kind, and will be out sometime after the controller’s release in mid-September.

Finally, Firemint have officially named and dated Flight Control HD as a PSN launch title for Move in Europe and Asia (no details yet on a US release), and the game will also support the regular DualShock 3. The first screenshot is over on their site, and more details are expected soon.

Source: Siliconera



  1. looking good :)

  2. kewl :) be interestin to know how racing games use move

  3. If they nail the physics and AI that could turn out to be a real winner. Lovely graphics for a “smaller” title, as such.

  4. Ignite looks very similar to Split/Second. Not a bad thing, mind you.

    • exactly what i was thinking especially on the 3rd picture

  5. Josh – your a news machine mate!

    • Why thank you!

      • I like it, we even get news on a saturday and sunday now! keep up the good work

  6. Ignite looks interesting. I hope it will come out before november, if not, then it could drown out in the GT5 release…

  7. Graphics look amazing for a PSN title…

    It’s good to see a steady flow of Move-supported games, it’s a shame Sony weren’t as eager to support the PS Eye as it would have gone a long way to take the shine off Kinect (from a Casual gamer POV).

  8. I’m not sure that i would like to use Move for driving, ‘disembodied’ steering wheels like on the Wii just seem wrong in my hands and i’m happier having my hands ‘at rest’ on my lap for longer racing sessions. If it was someting like mario kart or modnation racers i think it would be fine but i think i’ll stick with my DS3 for ‘proper’ racing.

    • Yeah I’m not sure why you’d want to use Move over the regular controllers for a driving game. But I guess you can’t complain about bonus features!

  9. If they could get blizzard to bring starcraft and/or sc 2 over to the ps3 with move support, and get it working well, sony would rule over south korea. lol

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