DiRT 3 Trailer Is A Big Tease

DiRT 3 now has a tentative release date of 2011 and has a pretty impressive new trailer, which was shown during the X-Games 2010 on ESPN in the states this weekend.

Why was it shown during the X-Games? Well, the event featured heavily in last years Colin McRae DiRT 2, as does Ken Block, the American rally driver who partakes in the event and in the World Rally Championship. In this first trailer for the game, Ken’s new ride, the Ford Fiesta (in full Monster Energy livery) is followed through a number of different locations.


More importantly, it teases some new features for the game. Namely rain effects and snow events, making a return to the series, not seen since since the PlayStation 2 and original XBox Colin McRae Rally games. This could possibly hint at an increased focus on traditional rally racing. However, also featured are other rallycross cars (the legendary Ford RS200 and a Mitsubishi Evo X), which race side by side with the Fiesta, suggesting further ralycross events which were popular in the previous game.

Lastly, in a spectacular ending to the video, a power sliding Block drifts past and underneath and exploding lorry, just like in his now infamous Gymkhana driving videos. Unfortunately, none of it is in-game footage. Having said that, Codemasters haven’t made a dud rally game yet and we have high hopes for DiRT 3 when it arrives next year.

In the mean time, check out the trailer below and an amazing Ken Block driving video. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon (after the F1).



  1. Loved DiRT 2 so looking forward to this. Now with Fiesta’s as well this is a must buy =D

  2. didn’t really get dirt 2 but with what looks like a return to basics, this might just be what the doctor ordered? ;)

  3. all i can think of is top gear. really after their show with ken block thats all i could think of when i saw this trailer

  4. ‘none of it is in-game footage’
    Damm! was getting pumped….

  5. A resounding meh from me.

    My favourite was Colin McRae Rally 2.0.

    DiRT was good, but only because there was nothing on ps3 which interested me at the time. DiRT 2 the demo put me right off. Too much bullshit, not enough WRC.

    I want to hear whether they have any proper WRC stuff this time around. If not I’ll stick to GT5 and maybe the official WRC game if it has decent game play.

  6. Snow, finally.

    • Agreed, SNOW!

      • Too much FFXIII, eh?

      • Not him silly :P – Looking forward to the white powdery stuff, I missed it a lot in DiRT2. So it’s a big welcome to see it in DiRT3!

      • Haven’t tried 2nd one, but Dirt 3 looks and sounds amazing… Finally SNOW and rain… :]

  7. really enjoyed dirt 2 so looking forward to this aswell as FINALLY snow and rain again

  8. ”daam cat avatars”
    ohh dirt3 teaser, 1 more to the ”playstation doesn’t support list”

  9. Looking good and realy enjoyed Dirt2 so any thing extra like the efects and events will be a welcome bonus :)

    • The only gripe I had with Dirt2 was the low number of point to point rally stages.
      The weather effects will be welcome.

  10. Hmmn. I think the Dirt games are getting a bit “messy” in terms cohesion etc. Fairplay though, that Brock fella can drive…

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