TSA DiRT 3 Tournament: Week 2 Results

Week two of our DiRT3 competition brought another set of very close and very competitive races, with some of the favourites for the title racing against each other. Here’s what happened!

Race Reports

The first competitors to race in round two were Manorhowze and Rocket_345, with Manor the clear favourite, and quite handily taking all three wins and being the first to proceed to the quarterfinals!

The next races were LuckyDogRcs24 vs Ro6afc11 with Rob also taking all three wins and going through in what was a very friendly sounding game!

CarBoyCam was racing MrSpeedyGonzales in round two and also came through as the winner in all three rounds. Speedy got very close at Monaco but didn’t quite manage to pull it off.

The Tonyyeb versus Spooferbarnabas match saw Tony pushing Spoof hard in race one at Aspen, until a spin left Spoof with a fairly comfortable win. This was followed up by two more wins, where Tony was off the pace, leaving Spooferbarnabas to go through to the next round.

Death_In_Flamez and SuperJag were up next with some very close racing. Death took the win at Aspen by less than a second, after Jag had a bit of contact with a snow bank. This was followed by a cautious Jag losing out again in Monaco which made Death the overall winner. They played the final race at Smelter regardless, and it was a friendly affair with Jag winning to leave the overall score for the round 2-1 to Death_In_Flamez.

Two of the favourites were THL_Network and Maneorix, both of them placing very high in the time trial leaderboards. The first race at Aspen was a close race with only a second difference between them, with Maneorix taking the win. Monaco was a track that THL was expecting to be very quick on, but he made a mistake on lap 2 allowing Maneorix the overall win. Smelter was a deflated affair with THL only cruising giving Maneorix the 3-0 win.

Beelzie and Sitorimon would have been next but Beelzie had to pull out giving Sitorimon a free run into the quarter finals!

The final race of the week was myself, Jambo vs. Funkymunky, my ex-flatmate! This was a friendly race in all honesty fraught with mistakes and very poor driving on my part! Race one at Aspen saw me win by a few seconds, but in race two at Monaco I managed to turn the car around in a hairpin leaving me pointing the wrong way and losing the race. The final round at Smelter had been close at the end of lap one with me having a small lead but then I managed to spin again giving Funky a well deserved win!

So we’re on to the Quarterfinals stage, with yet more tough pairings on the cards:

  • Spooferbarnabas vs Death_In_Flamez
  • CarBoyCam vs Ro6afc11
  • FunkyMunky vs Maneorix
  • Manorhowze vs Sitorimon

Everyone who wins this week will receive a DiRT3 mug so this is where it gets serious! Get organising your races here and good luck to everyone that made it through.

To all those who went out there is still a chance you can win one of two mugs being handed out to two randomly selected players so keep an eye out for an announcement about that!

-This post was written, and competition is run by the rather busy bee that is JamboGT. Yay, that rhymed!



  1. 100 TSA points on Manorhowze to WIN ^^
    Congrats to these made to the Quaterfinals Stage, and unlucky to others but don’t fret we can still have our own Revenge on them in the DiRT 3 Meets on Sundays >:)

  2. That was a generous recall of Spoof and my round! Good luck to everyone still in the competition.

  3. Well done to everyone as always!

  4. well looks my £500-boy is still here…
    my wallet is cheering ATM :P
    GO MY BOY GO!!!!

    • That’s what she said! WHAT!!!!

    • Who is this £500 boy you speak of?

      • More to the point, who is the bookie that took the bet on {:O

      • Well no need to answer that now as you said in the Motorstorm meet who it was. Oh and yeah I can imagine the bookies face when he walked in and asked for 500 for the captain to win the tsa dirt 3 competition.

  5. Congrats to the winners and commiserations to the losers.
    Pity Beelzie couldn’t race.

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