TSA DiRT 3 Tournament: Week 1 Results

We had a great first week of the DiRT3 championship here at TSA, with some very competitive races and big names going out at the first hurdle! Before we get to next weeks fixture list, reports from the pit lane.

Race Reports

With 25 entrants, several drivers got a by to the next round. That meant that Spooferbarnabas, Tonyyeb, Death_In_Flamez, Ro6afc11, FunkyMunky, Rocket_345 and Manorhowze were all lucky enough to carry on to this week unopposed.

CarBoyCam and R1MJAW were the first to race with R1MJAW taking the first win at Aspen by under a second. CarBoyCam came back in the second race at Monaco drawing the matchup leaving the final race as a decider. CarBoyCam then took this again in a close run race to move through to round two. Tough luck to R1MJAW, who put up a good race and was one of those expected to go far!

Next up was Camdaz against Beelzie, this was another close match up and at the first round Camdaz took the win in Aspen. Beelzie came back in Monaco to draw the round again leaving the final run at Smelter as a decider, Beelzie came through this victorious and passing through to round two leaving Camdaz, another of the favourites going out early.

Baxteros and LuckyDogRcs24 were next to race, the racing here was very close but LuckyDog took the win in all three rounds leaving Baxteros out and LuckyDog proceeding to round two!

SpeedyGonzales (wonder if he minds me not calling him Mr…) and Freezebug were the next pairing to complete their races. Each race was close again with Freezebug leading at the half way point, but SpeedyGonzales lived up to his name and took the lead and the win, in all three races to go through to round two.

SuperJag and Crazy_Del were next to dance the dance, Jag took a convincing win in the first round with a large lead but in the second at Monaco Del was snapping at his heels all the way and lost out by a small margin. Already knowing the final result the last round was another convincing win for Jag and he goes through to round two.

Our next racers were Sitorimon and SpikeyMikey. Spikey, one of the winners of the game from our earlier DiRT competition, had not had the game for long but put in a good effort. Despite this Sitorimon was successful in all three rounds and goes through.

Next up was myself, JamboGT and Teflon. Race one at Aspen was very close at lap one with only tenths of a second covering us but I managed to extend the gap a little by the end of the race taking the win. Monaco led to another win for myself and then at Smelter I won again leaving Teflon thoroughly beaten! sorry! So I go through to round two! (Son of a… – Tef)

Our penultimate race was between Maneorix and Davidsmall. David had only just received the game and was up against a very strong opponent in Maneorix, this led to a 3-0 win for Maneorix and he proceeds to round two.

The final race of the week was always going to be a cracker, AshGraham and THLNetwork were consistently the fastest on the leaderboards on my friends list and well up the leaderboards worldwide as well, with Ash having a slight advantage in times. The first race as Aspen was won by Ash with both drivers setting great times. Tom came back in round two at Monaco with a personal best time leaving the round tied with one race to go. The final race was at Smelter with Tom again setting a PB to win and proceed through to the second round.

We had a great week of racing rounded up with an amazing final race!

Week Two Fixtures

This leaves round two looking like this, with all those that got a by in round one now having to race:

Spooferbarnabas vs Tonyyeb
Superjag86 vs Death_In_Flamez

MrSpeedyGonzales vs CarBoyCam
LuckyDogRcs24 vs Ro6afc11

FunkyMunky vs JamboGT
Maneorix vs THLNetwork

Rocket_345 vs Manorhowze
Sitorimon vs Beelzie14

All the tracks and race setting are the same throughout, and can be found in the first competition post. You have until 9PM on Sunday 14th of August to complete and report the results of the races, so get organising and reporting your races in the forum thread. Good luck to you all!

Also, just to remind you, even if you went out in round one there is a chance you can still win a DiRT 3 mug so keep an eye on the rest of the competition!

-This post was written, and competition is run by the sincerely delightfully Irish JamboGT!



  1. Good stuff, i’ve got my race with tony on wednesday at 7pm.
    Also, is it possible to spectate because when it gets to the latter rounds there are going to be even more intense races? :)

  2. I wish I could take part in meets and tournaments, but children make online gaming difficult.

    • I love my son dearly, but I have to agree! Perhaps I will be repaid when I can get to play video games with him one day! :)

    • Ditto.

      • My kids are already showing interest in games, It’s just a matter of time! :D

      • Mine loves the red Dual Shock 3 I got for Christmas so I have to give it to him and use my old black one. He knows what to do with it!

  3. I bet 100 TSA Points on Manorhowze to win he is 9/1 to win
    Spoofer is 10/1
    Car Boy
    the 4 above are 18/1
    And the rest are in great odds 25/1
    Bet now!
    C’mon Manor! =D

    • Those are short odds for me! The only way I would win is if ‘Shooting the moon’ was an option.

      • I’ll add that into the rules now :P

      • It might be possible by driving the wrong way round and finding a track glitch that makes me the winner.

      • Possibly. On the weekend, Manorhowze was warped back half a lap when he messed up the jump on Aspen, so mess it up in reverse and you could warp forwards? :P

      • It might be my only chance against Spoof.

      • @tef – weirdly I was on the other track at the chicane before you go under the bridge. Then it reset me on to the other track before the jump. :S

    • haha, i’m fancying the winner of THL vs Maneorix at those odds

    • I have to say, I question those odds greatly…

      • That is to say I agree with Spoof…

        Saying that a punt on myself at 25/1 would entail actually putting some practice in :P

  4. That’s MrSpeedyGonzales thank you very much! Just kidding, it’s only that because SpeedyGonzales was already taken :( good racing everyone. Not looking forward to my next race against CarBoyCam, he looks very fast!

  5. Wish I had entered – fancy my chances as I do some real racing! :)


    • Quality! Loving that video.

      • Cheers…it’s only a mini but it’s pretty damn quick! About 130bhp but weighs next to nothing

      • Looks great fun. I’d love to do something like that… just no time, money, driving ability, engineering ability… but other than that, I’m golden!

      • I’m pretty lucky that my old man builds everything himself, but I have to do his companies books to pay for my racing :(

    • I love the guy just wobbling off the track around 2:10. That’d be me if I was in a real car, I’m sure :P

      • Lol…I know, easiest position gain I ever had! The video really doesn’t give you an idea of how steap and fast Paddock Hill bend is, you can’t see the apex which is why so many people crash there! :)

      • Yeah it’s a common place to lose it. It looks like he had it snap on him a bit and ran out of talent to collect it before the gravel.

  6. Well done to Sitorimon on his whitewash! He had fairly sizable leads in the first 2 races but I managed to get it down to 2 seconds in the 3rd. Yes!! ;)

  7. Just to avoid confusion, my PSN ID is different to my TSA one (because I’m awkward), that THLNetwork guy is me! I would say 25/1 is fair odds on my, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m not confident on this one. Maneorix has soundly beaten me during practice on every occasion.

    • I know that’s why yo have the high odds xD – sorry but you never know you might just win the tournament!
      Time will tell
      Good luck to everyone =)

    • Hmm I had noted that in the article, someone has edited it… (tef…. :P)

      • Who… Me? Never!
        Well, OK, I did. Does it matter much, though? Doesn’t make getting a hold of Tom any more difficult. It’s not like he won’t acknowledge being called THLNetwork on the forums. :P

  8. I’m really touched that I was expected to make some good headway into this competition, unfortunately I couldn’t deliver, but Cam was a really good opponent so I’m not too disappointed.
    Good luck to Cam and everyone else still in the running.

  9. Looking forward to my race with Jag, may the best online identity win :P

    • *shaking nervously as he hopes that he will atleast get back the £500 he betted on The Captain*

  10. Cool, might get dirt3….

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