TSA DiRT 3 Tournament

Think you’ve got what it takes when it comes to rallying? Now’s the time to put your skills to the test! Following on from the DiRT 3 competition to win copies of the game, this will be a knockout tournament taking place in the Head 2 Head mode. Each round will be the best of three legs, the winner of which moves onto the next round until we have a winner.

Three Legged Race

For each round the three legs will take part on the same tracks, with the same specific car selections and weather conditions. These will be:

Leg One

  • Location: Aspen
  • Track: Buttermilk Descent
  • Vehicle Class: Pro
  • Laps: 2
  • Conditions: Snow

Leg Two

  • Location: Monaco
  • Track: Marina Face-Off
  • Vehicle Class: 60s
  • Laps: 2
  • Conditions: Evening, Sun

Leg Three

  • Location: Smelter
  • Track: Dredger Duel
  • Vehicle Class: Group B
  • Laps: 2
  • Conditions: Wet
Lobby settings should be set to the online defaults. Vehicle Setups are turned off, but Driver Assists are allowed should you want to use them.

Number of Entrants

The maximum number of entrants is 32. I will use random.org to organise the order of the players. If there is not a full complement of 32 players those that are lucky enough to be drawn to race a blank space will be given a by into the next round. Places will be handled on a first come, first serve basis, should there be more than 32.

The method of entry is to post in this forum thread, clearly stating your interest and PSN ID.

Organising the Races

The competitors will be responsible for their own races. Each round will give you a week-long window in which to contact your opponent, organise a date and time and get the racing done by 9PM on the Sunday evening. You will need to post your results in the tournament’s forum thread here. If there are any problems, also post in that thread and I will do what I can.

Don’t forget, there’s a weekly DiRT 3 meet on Sunday afternoons, so that’s a perfect time to meet up and practice before splitting up to take part in your race.

Every week I will post on the front page, and in the forum thread with the winners so you can start organising the next race!


Thanks to our friends at Codemasters we have some pretty cool prizes for the winners. For everyone that reaches the semi-finals we have a DiRT 3 mug and for the overall winner we have a limited edition DiRT 3 T-shirt to win!

Additionally, there’s also two mugs to be won by two randomly selected entrants outside of the top four. So even if you don’t think you are fast enough to win there’s still reason to enter and have a bit of fun!

Rules and Regulations

  • The competition prizes are only available to those within the UK.
  • If one of the competitors makes no attempt to organise or take part in their race their opponent will automatically progress to the next round. This is handled at my discretion.
  • To enter post in this forum thread before 9PM BST on Sunday 31st of July.
  • This competition is subject to our usual terms and conditions.

So get there quickly and enter, and I hope to see the winners of the games from the earlier competition taking part!

This post was written, and competition run by JamboGT. I’m not sure he mentioned, but there’s a thread in the forum here.



  1. Haha, so forced head-cam, no abs and manual gears it is then Jambo ;)

  2. Does Dirt 3 have the option for manual gears? Haven’t found it any where so far.

    • Should be on the game’s main menu, options, controls or something like that? It’s definitely in there somewhere.

    • It certainly does, can’t remember where but the default buttons are something like square and x, so might want to change that.

  3. Still haven’t got the game. :( Too busy being wiped out.

  4. If it’s manual gears I think I’ll struggle, if not there’s a small possibility I’ll do alright.

    • when it say specific car selections, does that mean we both have to have the same car with the same set up or just the same class ie pro, 70’s, 60’s etc?

      • Automatic gears are totally OK, but people who’re good with the manual gears will possibly eke out a small advantage.

        With vehicle selection, it just means that set of cars. So you can use any car from Pro, 60s and Group B, for each leg respectively.

      • Phew…thanks Tef!

      • What Tef said!

  5. Signed up – looking very forward to this =D

  6. Was gonna get this next month but will try to get it this week instead so i can take part in this.

    • That’s the spirit! :D

      • Will probably be knocked out round one as i won’t have a clue but it will be fun to take part.

  7. Signing up, getting game today :D But don’t fear, I’m practising my butt off on Dirt 2 ;)

    • Haha, I think Tesco has it for £25 at the moment.

      • Ah but see CEX has it for 22 quid…. and I have 24 worth of trade in :D Also, getting a £25 PSN card to get online for the game also means I can get some if not all of the DLC already! See, all planned ;)

      • If you get it new, you don’t have to pay to play online which is £7ish. So, your £3 saving isn’t really a saving.

      • This maybe too late but Tesco had a deal where you could get Dirt 3 + £25 PSN credit for £27

      • Or Tesco Entertainment are selling for £20 flat, if you want to buy online… Lots of options if you can shop around, and are paying attention to deals.

        I’m sure Kirk has his reasons, though :)

  8. Sounds fun, haven’t got round to buying this game yet though :(

  9. Signed up but i’ll be crap as i’ll be on holiday until the day before i need to do my race.

    • You say that, but you are the master of Head2Head

  10. Nice one Jambo. I’ve put my name down.

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