TSA DiRT 3 Tournament: Quarter Finals

We are into week three of our DiRT3 competition and this is where it gets serious, everyone who proceeds from the quarter finals to the semi finals wins themselves a DiRT3 mug. who managed win? Lets find out!

Race Reports

This week, we’re going to mix up the reports a little, and go with limericks. Don’t worry, they’re supposed to be utterly awful.

Maneorix was a man who raced,
FunkyMunky the fella he faced,
Maneorix won all three,
Securing himself a mug just for he,
And Funky went home in disgrace!

Manorhowze raced a Pokémon,
By the name of Sitorimon,
For a semi final slot in DiRT3
Manorhowze won on the track,
With a super effective attack,
So Sitorimon ended up in a tree!

Getting tired of this,
Let’s move on from limericks,
We’ll try some Haiku.

This week he raced against Kirk,
He won three nil too.

Very fast he is,
The driver that bested Rob,
His name CarBoyCam.

If you’re a poet,
And think you can do better,
Post in the comments.

The Semifinals

Everyone who made it through to the semis did so by winning all three of their quarterfinal races, so I am looking forward to some very close races! The semifinals are:

  • Maneorix vs. Manorhowze
  • Spooferbarnabas vs. CarBoyCam

Well done to these four for making it this far and winning yourselves a mug! The races can, as ever, be organised here and good luck to everyone.

Remember, everyone who entered the competition has the opportunity to win one of two extra mugs. We’ll be waiting until after the final to be drawing those two names, though, so don’t forget to turn up and read that post in a fortnight.

-This post was rhymed together by JamboGT feat. Teflon. 



  1. This demonstrates how you guys have too much time on your hands.

  2. After much racing
    And far too many poems
    The semis await.

    • There once was a man who played DiRT,
      Who raced while he wasn’t alert,
      When he tried to drift,
      He ended up miffed,
      For he rolled; yes his car did invert.

      • lol, awful. Still much better than what we came up with!

    • There once was a species of Munky,
      So named since his dancing was funky,
      But when it came to the race,
      He stayed in second place,
      Though his performance was assuredly spunky.

  3. I’m no good at poems etc so just going to congratulate the winners.
    Congrats to the winners.

  4. The standard race reports were getting a little stale and repetitive :P

  5. Poems errr…… pass
    Well Done lads and c’mon Manorhowze, my 100points bet is still in there ^^
    Aolso can we see a Mug xD

    • Want to see a mug, there’s plenty in the House of Commons to choose from :)

  6. So the dust has settled and we’re reaching the sharp end of things,
    So fast are the final 4, it would seem that they’ve sprouted wings,
    But to reach the final and prove themselves to be the cream of the crop,
    They’ll need to focus like never before and pull out all the stops,
    It’s tough to predict but one thing is for sure, thanks to the efforts of Teflon and Jambo we’ll know who stands tall and deserves all of our plaudits when finally, that fat lady steadies herself, takes a deep breath, and sings.

    Epic undertaking by all involved and best wishes to you guys left in!

    • *Stands up and applauds*
      This deserve a Standing Ovation and the best Poem than teflon.
      You Sir bravo, did you get an A+ in Enlgish?

    • There once was a fat lady who sung,
      Declaring the contest was done,
      She was ignored, they kept racing,
      And battling for placing,
      So lady kept singing, and damaged her lung.

  7. I know the poems aren’t very good but what can I say other than its tricky! What I mean is that its tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time! It’s tricky!


    • LOL, classic…nicely done!

  8. Nice change to do a bit of poetry. Im hoping to at least put up a good fight on Monaco but im not too confident about the other 2.

    I’ve managed to beat maneorix’ tt time round monaco but thats very different from an actual race.

    • As it’s more like a time trial than a race, you just need to do what you are always best at, although only having one attempt at it on the night is a drawback! Just think of it as another TT tournament whereby you are usually 5 seconds ahead of everybody else :O

      • Its a bit different when its only a tenth between the 2 times but im gonna give it a shot as I cant let Del down. ;)

      • No pressure then dude :P

  9. nice poetry guys=)
    think i can come up with something soon… but some of u know that my english isn’t perfect… =D

  10. Poems are not my strong point and will probably end up being worse than the articles. Congrats to the winners and enjoy your mugs. Hope i win one aswell.

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