TSA DiRT 3 Tournament: The Finals

Our DiRT3 competition finished up just before the weekend. Some of you may already know who won overall but for those that don’t, read on!

The Semi Finals

At this point, everyone was fast enough to win and one mistake could throw it all away. The first drivers to step up and race their semi-finals were Spooferbarnabas and CarBoyCam. The first race at Aspen was very close with both drivers going into the final corner side by side, Cam ran a little wide giving Spoof the first round win. The second race was all important with Cam needing to win to take it to the third and final round. It was close on lap one but on lap two Cam made a couple of mistakes which gave Spoof the win and allowed him through to the final! Spoof went on to take the third round and go through with a 3-0 win.

The second semi was between Maneorix and Manorhowze. Manorhowze wasn’t confident going into this one and, despite setting his fastest time on this track, lost by 2 seconds giving Maneorix the advantage going into round two. Monaco was next with Manor fighting back and taking a very narrow win and evening up the semi going into the final round. Smelter was the final round and after lap one it was neck and neck, Manor then ran deep on a hairpin giving Maneorix a lead he wouldn’t relinquish. Maneorix wins 2-1 and we had our finalists!

The race for third place

Before the final there was some pride to be regained in the battle for third place between Manorhowze and CarBoyCam. with one of the closest finishes we had, CarBoyCam emerging the victor by the small matter of 2 tenths! In round two, Manor fought back at Monaco winning after Cam made a mistake in the tight corners. Back to Smelter for the decider and we had another close finish, with Cam winning by six tenths. So congratulations to our third place finisher CarBoyCam and our fourth placed Manorhowze!

The Final 

So who is fastest on the slidy stuff at TSA? Let’s find out, in the finalist’s own words.

Race 1

Maneorix: “The first race was very intense and very quick, only small errors from both of us – overshooting a few corners. After the first I was half a second up, and had spoof quick on my heels trying to close the gap. I managed to understeer massively into the final half of the final lap and nearly hit the snow bank on the inside line, but luckily I managed to keep momentum only losing a tenth or two. I managed to keep it going and took out a tenth on spoof on the final lap to take the win.”

Spooferbarnabas: “On the first race I was too cautious on the first lap and lost quite a bit of time, I had a better second lap but it was still about a second off my best which was annoying but never mind.”

maneorix – 3:17.4
spooferbarnabas – 3:18.0

Race 2

Maneorix: “I had the upper hand going into Monaco, with it being spoofer’s weakest track I thought I might have a chance to close the contest early. I was driving to the limit, dashing into the far side chicane with full throttle on the first lap – nailing it perfectly. I had built up a lead of around a second on the first lap, and drove solidly on the second to take the race and the championship round the second lap – setting a personal best time in the progress!”

Spooferbarnabas: “On monaco, I was off the pace right from the off and didn’t make any glaring errors but just kept going wide here and there. Saying that my best of 2 57.0 still wouldn’t have been enough.”

maneorix – 2:56.6
spooferbarnabas – 2:58.0

Race 3

Maneorix: “With the tie settled, and I had won – we were cruising (or I was) – spoof wanting to re-gain a little honor and avoid a white wash. We both smashed violently into a few walls on the first lap, and I did again on the second. I had probably lost all focus due to the previous results. Spoofer took the victory ahead of me by several seconds.”

Spooferbarnabas: “At smelter, it was more relaxed after the outcome was known but I gave it a decent-ish shot for pride and, despite smashing into the wall under the tunnel, I managed to prevent it spinning and safely drove round once I saw how far the others were adrift.

spooferbarnabas – 2:42.4
maneorix – 2:45.0

So Maneorix wins 2-1 and wins the TSA DiRT3 championship taking home a mug and a T-Shirt. Well done to him for a great performance throughout the championship. Congrats as well to Spooferbarnabas who was also blindingly quick throughout and also wins a mug. Our third and fourth place finishers are also winners, taking home a mug each.

We have two mugs left over and after using random.org to help with selecting two of the competitors, we came up with both Ro6afc11 and freezebug2 winning a mug each.

Well done to all our winners (please email me with your details at [email protected]) and thanks for taking part, if anyone wants to catch up on the entire championship as it happened you can go read up here and you may want to keep an eye on TSA for more competitions coming your way. We still have our Dead Island and Bodycount giveaways up for grabs and all you racers will have something to look forward to very soon. Wonder what that is…

This post was engraved with a spoon by JamboGT.



  1. Congrats to Maneorix, and back luck to Spoof. Thanks to Jambo and Teffers for a great event… Can’t wait for the next one! /looks at calendar for the F1 2011 release date :D

  2. Congrats again to maneorix. He really was in a class of his own at times. I was just pleased I took a round off him in our match.

    Well done also to Freeze and Rob. Nice to see them both get a prize as they are regulars in these competitions.

    • Yup congrats to the pair of mugs *sniggers*. I’m sure Tef will be dishing out some TSA points for all those that took part too ;)

  3. Congrats to Maneorix for the win, Spoof for second and CarBoy for third. Commiserations to Manor.
    From the start I had Manor down for a final place so was surprised he didn’t make the top three, but CarBoy is also pretty good with Dirt3.
    Also congrats to Ro6afc11 and Freeze for getting the mugs, lucky g*ts ;)

  4. Congratulations Maneorix you can now pour champagne in you mug and take a mugshot of it ^^
    Unlucky spoof. This was an amazing competition and was glad to enter despite I lost the 1st round lol, but nonetheless I enjoyed it. Great comp tef and Jambo. A great read on all events/rounds to the finals

    • It was all too brief for me too but enjoyed following it through the write ups, a good job done.

  5. It was a great tournament, and I’m extatic that I managed to win! I’m just glad I managed to pull some decent times in the final, luckily for me it was enough :)

    Great driving by a lot of people, and cheers to the community for racing along – be it random sessions or meets (which are still ongoing!) :)

    Oh, and are you giving out TSA points ;D?

  6. Oooohh would you look at that, a mug for me, that’s sweet.

    Congratulations once again Maneorix. The deserved winner. I know it wasn’t part of the deal but if you ask nicely you might be able to bag yourself one of those personalised tags to replace [Member] in the comments.

    That just leaves the thanks to be dished out to Jambo and tef for another well run tournament and to TSA/Codies/random.org for my mug.

    Hopefully see you all on the track again soon for whatever the next big racing game may be ;)

  7. Yeah, great tournament, and some amazing times posted on the world leader boards by the elite’s that got to the latter stages. I’ll have to use that mug for my cuppa when I’m racing in future tournaments…could be lucky as it’s one of the few things I’ve won ;)

  8. Congratulations maneorix, unlucky Spoof. I quite happy ,myself that I lost to CarBoyCam, who came 3rd.

  9. Congrats to maneorix and the other semi finalists. Some very quick guys on here. Even though my 1st round draw was tough, I certainly wouldn’t have got out of round 2 against the eventual winner! Looking forward to whatever TSA brings next.

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