First X-Factor Screens

Hey everyone, are you as excited about the upcoming X-Factor game as I am? I thought as much! Whilst we wait for the finished game the developer, Deep Silver, have released two knee trembling screenshots.

The first shows a lady – at least I think it’s a lady – singing and the second has a nice picture of a young man called Terrance. The game will be released at the end of this year and will feature the talents of Pixie Lott, Lady Gaga, U2 and Stanfour.

Source: IncGamers



  1. milking the proverbial cash cow i see how exciting

  2. Good stuff, my daughter will no doubt love it – If I’d be able to get her off Just Dance 2 or whatever’s out at the time

  3. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself

  4. YES!! the more money then a new Sacred!

  5. Never watched x-factor (hate it) so defiantly not buying the game.

    • How do you know you hate it if you’ve never watched it…?

  6. knee trembler ha ha.

  7. Looks like a complete cash-in (could it ever be anything else?). Could be alright for kids but I can’t see it posing a threat to the likes of Singstar.

  8. Is there a more pointless game in existence/development? I’d prefer an Antiques Roadshow game.

    • That show is the bees knees man, you go on and sell your old tat for like 200 quid. Its great :P

    • yeah it called dare i say it wii fit and just dance

    • That would be awesome! You start off in a big, old house (your house for the purposes of the game) filled to brimming with a random assortment of items. Pick out a few and take off to the roadshow for valuation =] pure genius!

      No?… Just me?

  9. Leona Lewis has elephant’s knees.

    • Leona is magic…pity her singing anin’t :P

      • Whilst I remember mate, my PSN is PoorPaddy89 if you wanna ad-hoc Peace Walker co-op. I should be available next week and beyond if I can get it working :)

  10. Wow, stellar stuff. I r soz exciteds for deez awesomez game coz i iz a hardcorez xfactorz fan.

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