X-Factor Game Lacks Judges

Remember the screen shots of the X-Factor game from last week? Pretty disappointing as there was no sign of digital Simon Cowell and now we know why. He’s not in the game and neither are Louis, Cheryl or Dannii. Instead the title will include new digital judges. A spokeswoman for developers Deep Silver said,

“Although we do not want to talk too much about why, we can confirm Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and the other TV X Factor judges will not be appearing in the official game”.

Now I may be being a bit thick here but I always thought the X-Factor is about the judges as much as it is the singers, get rid of Cowell and Co. and you lose a lot of the show’s character and appeal.


The game will be released on December 12th and may offer ‘future online installments’ (a.k.a. DLC).

Source: IncGamers



  1. So this is just Singstar now then?
    How hard would it be to just record a bunch of good, average and bad comments from the various judges. Without them, like you say, this isn’t really an X-Factor game.

  2. Pfft, im out then :)

  3. Suddenly it’s exactly the same as al those PS1 and PS2 games.

  4. It would’ve obviously cost them a lot of money to include them, so instead they’re going to lose a lot of money by making a game that doesn’t include them, sad.

  5. Agree tuffcub, X-Factor is all about the judges

  6. OMG! How could they be so judge-mental!

  7. Ive never seen the show but I enjoy Rockband but this sounds like a crock.

  8. straight to the bargin bin by the sound of it.

  9. Cash-in.

  10. I better not see this in the UK selling one million…. you know how stupid people can be and its a embarrassment towards gamers.

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