Guerrilla Games Working On New IP

Commenting to, Guerrilla Games’ Herman Hulst has intimated that the Dutch studio have something particularly non-Killzone flavoured in the pipeline. Before you all get too excited, the new IP is literally only in its concept phase and is likely years away before we actually see anything.

The original text is in Dutch (one of the many languages we suck at) but the gist is: though very busy with Killzone 3, the studio still have people working on this future project. Described as currently being in a “conceptual stage”, the new IP has everyone in the company pitching in ideas and concepts as part of a collaborative effort.


€20 it’s a shooter. Just saying.



  1. What’s an IP?

    • Intellectual Property. Basicly “I thought of it, it’s mine!” sort of thing.

      • umm… yeah exactly, perfect explanation!!

      • Thanks everyone, I thought it was something like that, just wasn’t sure.

  2. Stands for ‘Intellectual Property’. Means it’s a brand new series.

  3. It means intellectual property I think, which is fancy talk for a new series rather than a pre-existing one. This sounds good, 3 main games in a series is usually enough and it would be nice to have the story wrapped up well. The Helghast are a great baddie though, it would be nice to see a bit more of them in future things.

    • Oops beaten to it!

    • Hmm, I’m not convinced they’ll give up on Killzone, much as I agree that if they were to wrap up the story well and with a decent game to boot (all the signs are pointing that way so far =]), then I’d be much happier to not have any more from the series rather than them screwing it up in future sequels. If they can keep the series going without it losing edge then fair play to them, but its often better to quite whilst you’re ahead.

  4. i wonder if it’ll be like flower

    • i doubt it..

    • Imagine a Flower game set on a battlefield, I think it could be pretty poignant!

    • i did mean this sarcastically but thats not a bad idea!

    • I got the sarcasm, but also thought it was a good idea! You could have the earlier levels floating past all the chaos, and the last level floating through a green field full of graves, like Ypres, all set to orchestral tones.

      • if someone at “that game company” is reading this you have just struck gold. that would actually be amazing. if anything it would bring back memoirs of traveling through belgium

      • Fantastic Idea, reminds me of one of the most poignent TV moments I’ve had. The end of the last season of Black Adder Goes Forth where it fades to the poppy fields was immense. To play a game like flower and have an ending like that would rival some of the biggest game endings ever!

  5. Sounds excellent! GG can deliver and anything new from them will be amazing! Besides there’s only so much you can do on the same console, I’d wait for the next generation of consoles to release a new Killzone game.

    • If it’s still in a “conceptual stage” I doubt it will be ready until the next gen of consoles.

    • Yea this is great news , they are obviously very highly talented so I cant wait to see what else they can come with .
      Every day that a new IP is announced is a brave step in this modern age of gaming where sequels from 2 generations ago are very commonplace .

  6. I would be very interested indeed if this is a third person game, as it would be a new realm for them, but it would be cool to see what it is, regardless. One of the most highly talented studios in Sony Europe.

  7. How about a killzone from the helghan perspective? Not exactly new ip but would still be fun, shooting fuck out of isa scum.

    • I’ve thought about that aswell Tony, personally i think it could work.

      i believe the new ip will remain with shooters, be FPS or TPS. how many devs have changed the IP to a entirely different gameing genre? “i cant think of any” either way i bet it will rock this world.

  8. Sounds good. It means that KZ3 will have itself a decent conclusion to the story lines (or at least I’d hope so…)

    I honestly don’t mind what they come out with next, because I’m 100% sure it’ll be great. This is still quite a way away yet. Can you say 2013/2014? That’s about where one would expect a PS4 to be coming out…

  9. They are the kings of graphics.
    Not even Crysis 2 will look as good as Killzone 2 or 3.

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