Truth Or Lies Is Downright Creepy

Chalk this one down in the puerile and bizarre category, THQ’s upcoming embarrassment-a-thon, Truth Or Lies, has been just rated “Teen” by the ESRB. And rightly so. A round-table quiz-fest akin to Buzz!, instead of innocent trivia questions, however, Truth Or Lies will ask such prodding queries as: “Would you rather have marathon sex or sprint sex?”

Using a microphone, the game will even ‘detect’ if you’re lying. And if the 3,000 questions aren’t enough to have you squirming for the door, players can put each other on “the hot seat” and ask anything they so wish. Like, “Why did you buy this game and why did you make us play it?”

The ESRB calls out a whole rash of obscenities in the game including, but not limited to, “humidifiers full of urine”, “an avalanche of doggy poo,” and “dry heave or juicy fart?” The game also wants to know if you’d body slam your Mom for $30,000 (Yes.)  There are also numerous drug references, more sexual content than in an average Charlie Sheen subpoena, and bad language such as “ass” and “hell.” Kind of expected when you’re getting asked about your parents’ sex tape.

Source: ESRB


  1. Haha, hilarious XD

    Wouldn’t buy it, but would be fun to try out lulz

  2. Great concept in theory, but not much more, as funny as it sounds, people don’t like being humiliated.

  3. Sounds dangerous. What kind of bizarre trophy list is this going to have? o.O

    • No Sex Tonight
      “You Got Thrown Through A Window By Your Girlfriend!”

      • sleeping in the living room for a plat

      • Whoops!
        ‘You got dumped’

      • Knowing your partners birthday (Secret)- Gold

      • Forgot the name for the trophy which is

        It’s a Date

      • OUCH!
        “you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease”

      • Uh-oh!
        “maybe you shouldn’t have said that!”

      • above one is also a secret trophy

      • hahaha these are all awesome. id come up with my own but i cant be bothered to think for a short period of time on a weekend.

  4. Now we’re talking! Count me in. Hahaha! Finally, games for drunks (as oppose to games that are fun whilst drunk).

    • haha yup, this will sell millions!!

      • Should sell them in the Gents next to other various machines on offer, great impulse drunk buy

  5. Definitely something to play with mates, and not with girlfriends!

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