New Vanquish Trailer Is Rough; Literally

Bummed that the big Bayonetta reveal could be little more than a new cover and a budget price tag? Well, we suggest you bask in the latest trailer of Platinum Games’ hyperactive man-in-suit bullet-ballet Vanquish below and feel a little better.


Sure, it might not have lollipop sucking Wiccan minxes and angelic beasties, but it does have eye-blistering action and a guy who sounds like Snake after smoking 200 cacti.

There’s so much testosterone on display here that after watching this I checked in the mirror and I had grown a full beard and put on 10kg of pure muscle. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go wrestle a truck.

Source: Sega blog



  1. Oddly excited about this one even though I don’t usually like the bullet-ballet style games but this has somehow captured my interest, good trailer too.
    Is Christian Bale an advisor to the voice actors in this game? Ridiculously growly but the entire thing seems utterly OTT … in a good way. :)

  2. I….like it? It does look like a hell of a lot of fun.

  3. OMG, the voice acting is horrible…
    Still, the games feels exciting :P

  4. Having just finished Lost Planet 2 (Which could have been so much more, but had huge problems with controls), this looks awfully familiar.

  5. Looks pretty damn interesting, from a fun point of view :P

  6. wow looks very fast gameplay

  7. This looks fun, but I would prefer to play as the old guy, he looks alot thougher then the protagonist.

    • Might be too many parallels with a certain other gaming franchise then.

  8. This looks great…..

  9. I like it…. very fun :D

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