Monday Night Combat Today

Today sees the release of the fourth title in Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion. Monday Night Combat is a manic, class-based combat game with a sports TV feel to it and a healthy sense of humour. In celebration of the game’s release we’ve got (via the Xbox Community Network) some interesting/funny/bizarre facts from Uber Entertainment about the development.

  • Uber Entertainment started in a two bedroom apartment two years ago with six developers, now their office is 16 people strong.
  • Monday Night Combat was code named “Hostile” – for obvious reasons – internally for the first year of development
  • Uber loves all things bacon including bacon doughnuts, bacon flavored mayonnaise, bacon flavored envelopes.  They celebrated finishing the game with bacon flavored vodka!
  • The Mascot in Monday Night Combat was inspired by the Tron suit guy, Richard Simmons, and the King from Burger King.
  • Some of the people working at Uber include an improv teaching barista, a wall running ninja, and a belly dancer that raises alpacas…
  • During production there were two babies born and two marriages.. but not in that order.
  • There are over 2000 animations in Monday Night Combat, mostly done by a single animator.
  • Monday Night Combat has been played for over 16,768 hours by the Uber team during development
  • During development over 5200 lattes were consumed. Number of toilet breaks is still unconfirmed.
  • Some of the inspirations for the Monday Night Combat include Idiocracy, Running Man, Robocop, GI Joe, A-Team, Wall-E, and The Incredibles.

Update: I’ve added a video because I heard a couple of people saying they hadn’t seen this is motion yet. Looks good, doesn’t it?


  1. I’ve heard of this but not seen anything yet. The picture does make it look a lot more appealing. I’ll definitely check out the demo.

    • added a video, just for you (and everyone else).

    • Ooh, I like it. They should definitely replace Deal Or No Deal with a game show like this.

      I hope it’s not one of those games with and awesome trailer but the gameplay is never as fun, like LBP or PoP.

      • I played the first tutorial this morning before work, and i think it’s really good. The controls feel as you would expect from an arcade shooter.

      • Good to know, thanks.

  2. I would like to check it out, wouldn’t it be that my Xbox still isn’t connected to Live

  3. Did they just lift the characters from Team Fortress 2? :-\

    • There are obvious influences from TF2, and anyone who liked TF2 should like this, but it still plays differently enough that it’s a very different experience.

    • That was my thoughts. Very similar.

  4. Looks quite good from that video

  5. Looks an absolute blast.
    I’d love something on the PSN like that.

  6. but, but, it’s wednesday. o_O

  7. Is there a spelling error in the Update?

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